The Truth Behind Consuming Water from Copper Vessel

Copper Health Benefits:

It is sure that consuming water from copper vessel reaps many health benefits. It’s proven fact by the industry experts. Ancient people used to drinking from copper vessel because of its benefits. Now-a-days, people are far away from these vessels due to adopting new way of life. But, it’s not all good for health. Do you really think that water from copper vessel has benefits or it’s just a myth! Read on…..

Water from Copper Vessel

Water from Copper Vessel

Some Benefits:-

Copper kills harmful bacteria and purifies the water. It cures the people who have stomach disorders and low immune system. This is best for people who have sensitive skin. It helps slow down your ageing process by reducing fine lines and wrinkles in your body. It helps in better metabolism and better body functioning. If you consume water from copper vessel, it gives you clean and glowing skin definitely. It cures problems like skin infections and skin pigmentation. It also treats acne spots. It helps digestive system performs better. It also aids in weight loss. It beats hypertension.

  • Cures Anemia
  • Heals wounds faster
  • Treats Ulcers
  • Treat arthritis and inflamed joints
  • Treats issues related to thyroid glands
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Stimulates brain functioning
  • Curbs weight loss
  • Beats Hypertension
Health Benefits of Drinking Copper Vessel Water

Health Benefits of Drinking Copper Vessel Water

How Much is Required:-

By the way, it’s not a belief or myth that is followed by our ancestors. It is recommended to have an adequate intake of minimum 1.2mg to maximum 10mg of copper per day, which is required for the metabolic functioning of the body.

Copper Bowl

Copper Bowl

Source of Copper:-

Since our body can’t synthesize copper, it must be ingested from dietary sources. It can be obtained from sea foods, nuts, pulses, green vegetables, seeds, etc. but in very little quantities. So there is a need to drink water from the copper vessel every morning to replenish the copper deficiency.

Source of Copper

Source of Copper

Bacteria Disinfectant:-

Store water in the copper vessel overnight and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Water when stored in a copper vessel extracts very little quantities of copper which are dissolved in water. This process is known as ‘oligodynamic effect’, which acts as a disinfectant.

It is believed that water stored in copper have anti-microbial, anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has the power to destroy harmful fungi, bacteria and even ‘e.coli’ which causes food poisoning and even death. Water stored in copper vessel remains fresh for a long time whereas which is stored in stainless steel and pots becomes stale in a lesser time. Ayurveda suggests that water stored in copper vessel has an ability to balance all the three doshas in our body i.e., vata, kapha and pitta.

Health Trick:-

Before going to bed, just store water in copper vessel overnight. Drink it early morning before brush. It’s really healthy. Do this for atleast two times a day. The copper vessel should be washed after every alternative day. Rather than boiled or filtered water, it is beneficial for everyone who wants to be healthy. So, let’s try drinking from copper vessel.

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