How to Resolve your Conflicts and Feel Connected

It’s the loveliest week of any year!! The love week or valentine’s week is here! Like any relationship, conflicts are part of your love life as well. Maintaining a strong sense of connection is vital to resolve any conflict. Conflict in a relationship can make anybody feel attacked or threatened, weak and vulnerable.

How to Resolve your Conflicts and Feel Connected

How to Resolve your Conflicts and Feel Connected

When things are done by another person upset you and you feel that you are under siege. In such a scenario there is little possibility of a constructive response from your side. And if by any chance you choose the silence, it will ultimately do more harm than good. This will eventually shatter your relationship completely. It is natural to choose silence when we are hurt because of conflict. But falling back on the negative pattern is of no use, rather choose to fix the issues with the positive energy of communication.

Choose to Communicate

Address your differences at an early stage, and choose to initiate the communication. I often find couples complaining, that they felt alone, not wanted, scared as if the other person no longer cared for him or her. While we all are in the midst of inevitable stressors of life, a fulfilled relationship is a true blessing.

Choose to Communicate

Choose to Communicate

Conflicts are Opportunities for Growth

Instead of being defensive and hammering your point of view, try to resolve the issues. Take your conflicts as opportunities of life, they are there to help you align with your partner. Conflicts are blessings in disguise, they give you the opportunity to embrace, understand and appreciate the differences. Make an honest effort to understand your partner’s experience. Opt for growth in relationships over your comfort and urge to win an argument.

Break the Flow of Conflict

Break the flow and pattern of the conflict with the help of some humor. Seize the moments of argument and turn them into opportunities to laugh and love. Be proactive, try to avoid the routine triggers of arguments. Humor is the easiest and fastest shortcut to happiness, it not only breaks the flow of arguments but also releases the tension.

Focus on Good Memories

Focus on the good memories. Taking your attention on what you desire rather than what you don’t desire, is always helpful in resolving relationship problems. The world is full of things that are annoying to you, appreciate the good and focus on what good your partner contributes in your life. Soon you will find yourself engrossed in good memories. Align your mutual passion and values in life.

Contribute Authentic Listening

Be authentic, honestly listen to your partner and truly connect with your partner. Conflict gives you an opportunity to understand your partner on a deeper level, it gives you a platform to take the relationship to the next level. Conflicts are transitions to a higher level, something better than the present.

Love yourself Unconditionally

The one person who is always with you is “YOU”, yourself. So, cherish yourself and love yourself unconditionally. Take the responsibility of keeping yourself happy and content. Your needs are supposed to be fulfilled by you. Save yourself by relying on your partner for everything in life. Do not crave for their appreciation and praise, give yourself the respect you demand from others.

Plan Ahead

Anticipation is power, plan your roles and responsibilities. Choose to meet your personal needs, this will provide you the power and zeal to help your partner meet his or her needs. Readiness to help, to love is vital in every relationship.

Reignite the Love

It is much easier to fall in love than to maintain the same level of passion later in life. Thrills wane away with time, your biology has a contribution to this. Once we achieve our goals in life we often forget the deep connection we once felt. So this valentine, relive your passions, feel deeply connected, be adventurous, and feel your affection. We often read books and articles about how to improve our health, fitness, profession, business, etc but very rarely do we seek help for reigniting our relationships. Relationships are often taken for granted. Remember a fulfilled relationship can easily ensure happiness, good health, and success in life.

Choose to Communicate

Choose to Communicate

Remember, It is natural to have conflicts in a relationship so, the next time when you find yourself in a conflicting situation choose to see the positive aspect. Decide to focus on what you want, a stable future together. Choose emotional closeness, intimacy, and communication over any conflict.

Dr. Reena Prajapat
Dr Reena Prajapat is a dentist, she post graduated in hospital management from Apollo Institute of hospital Administration, Hyderabad. Her strong belief in natural and home remedies lead her to Pursue bachelor in naturopathy.