Health Benefits Of Consuming Cloves That You Should Know

Health Benefits Of Consuming Cloves

Clove is a most common spice used in Indian homes for its flavor and fragrance. It is also full of anti-inflammatory agents and helps in boosting the immunity of the body. Clove also contain vitamin C, manganese that helps in boosting bone health and improves blood clotting as well.

Health Benefits Of Consuming Cloves

Health Benefits Of Consuming Cloves

Consuming cloves on regular basis helps in improving your health and also increases your metabolism. So let’s take a look at multiple benefits of clove on our body:

1# Promotes Healthy Digestion

Cloves contain oil that has compounds to treat or prevent stomach ulcers and it also helps in thickening the gastric mucus that protects the stomach lining from ulcers. Loves also contain fiber that helps in improving the digestion process and soothes down constipation as well.

2# Promotes Oral Health

Clove contains oil and anti-inflammatory properties that helps in treating problems related to oral health. It helps in removing plaque and bacteria in the mouth effectively and keeps teeth healthy. You can also prepare a herbal mouth rinse of clove oil, basil and tea tree oil to keep your teeth healthy and your mouth free from bacteria.

Promotes Oral Health

Promotes Oral Health

3# Prevents Cancer

Cloves contain antioxidants that helps in increase cell death in colon cancer cells. Clove helps in slowing down the cell multiplication in case of cancer and in some cancer cases it also helps in killing the cancer cells and thereby boosts the immunity of the body.

4# Protects Liver

Clove contains high amount of antioxidants that protects the liver from free radicals and keeps it healthy. Clove has hepato protective properties that helps in increasing the immunity and decreases free radical production in the liver which keeps it healthy in a long run.

Protects Liver

Protects Liver

5# Boosts Immunity

The dry flower bud of clove helps in increasing the immunity of the body and this also leads to increase in white blood cell count. This protects the body from various viral and bacterial diseases as well.

6# Treats Respiratory Infection

Clove is a natural expectorant that helps in easing away the cough and clears the respiratory tract. Clove has natural painkillers and treats germs in the body. It not only gives freedom from sore throat and inflammation but also treats infection in the respiratory tract.

7# Cures Headache

Cloves contain eugenol that makes it a painkiller that is widely used to treat headache. Consuming clove tea will also helps in relieving stress and also treats headache successfully. Clove helps in soothing the nerves and uplifts the mood as well.

Cures Headache

Cures Headache

8# Healthy Bones

Clove extract contains isoflavones, flavones that are beneficial for healthy bones. They aid in retaining bone mass and prevents problems related to bones. It also helps in reducing the painful symptoms of rheumatic arthritis.

Divya Sharma
Mrs. Divya Sharma is an avid writer with a vast experience of almost 15 years in writing career. She did her MA in English from IGNOU along with Diploma course in Journalism from YMCA, New Delhi. She has worked as a Content Manager with Times Of India, Noida for 10 years. Writing is her passion and she tries to give her best every time she writes on any given topic. Writing articles on home remedies is her area of interest and she has gained immense knowledge by writing and researching a lot in this field.


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