5 Skincare Products to AVOID in Winter

Skincare Products

The winter months are among the worst for your skin since they cause a range of skin problems, including dryness and roughness. Wintertime causes the skin to become more dehydrated inside because of the lower air humidity and moisture level. Additionally, a hot shower and extremely cold temperatures also harm the skin’s protective barrier.

Skincare Products

Skincare Products

Knowing the requirements for winter skincare and choosing winter skin care products with extreme care is essential. As not all skin care products that are effective in summer or other seasons are the same as effective in winter.

 5 Skincare products you should avoid using in the winter season


 1. Over-exfoliating or Scrubbing


Winter may be harsh on your skin, which is already sensitive to the weather. Additionally, exfoliating your skin in cold temperatures runs the risk of damaging it. However, exfoliation cleanses the skin by removing dead cells, but using it frequently in the winter can leave it dry, and sensitive, and cause other issues like soreness and redness.

Over-exfoliating or Scrubbing

Over-exfoliating or Scrubbing

Scrubbing at home with ingredients like sugar, salt, coffee grounds, and seeds is also not advised because it could make your skin rough and deplete it of its natural moisturizer. Choose gentler ingredients like lactic, mandelic, and azelaic acids to exfoliate once every three weeks or once a month.

 2. Fragrance Items

When you shop for skin care products, buying items that smell good is often tempting. Most manufacturers add scent to their products to cover the unpleasant smell but did you know that using scented skincare products during the winter, when the skin is dry, and the skin barrier is compromised, makes it more prone to allergies? Many people are unaware that fragrance can damage the skin over time. Therefore, it is necessary to know that if your skin is acne prone and already dry, do not opt ​​for scented moisturizers/creams or perfumes in the winter season.

 3. Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is a common ingredient in skincare products, leaving skin looking and feeling hydrated and healthy. Moisturizers, SPF, cleansers, and cosmetics all include this typical petroleum by-product. For many skincare companies, mineral oil and skin go hand in hand. White mineral oil, petroleum jelly (Vaseline), and paraffin wax are some of the other names for mineral oil.

Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil traps moisture by forming this layer of protection, but it can suffocate the skin by plugging pores. The clogged pore issue is terrible for skin that is prone to acne. Anyone with sensitive skin should avoid using mineral oils. You may have the risk of getting several other skin issues if you use petroleum in the winter, which leaves a layer of irritating dirt and oil on top of irritated or sensitive skin.

Avoiding products containing petroleum jelly, paraffin oil, or mineral oil as well as those that are marked with these chemicals, is recommended for maintaining healthy skin during the winter. As an alternative, you can use virgin coconut oil or shea butter.

 4. Astringents (water-based skin care products)

Astringents are water-based skincare solutions that cool the skin, which causes the salt bonds to rebuild and tighten the skin. Astringents tighten pores, remove excess oil from the face, and reduce pore size. The natural oils in your skin can also be stripped away by using astringents, especially those that contain alcohol. 

In the winter, if you use astringents, which contain alcohol, your skin will get rough and rashes. Instead, use alcohol-free toners to maintain your skin’s pH balance and enhance the skin barrier.

 5. Soap

If you are using soap, stop using it immediately. Using soap in the winter damages your skin internally and depletes it of its natural oil in addition to causing dry skin. As soap’s chemicals absorb the moisture and dehydrate the skin, it begins to dry out from the inside out. Choose a creamy cleanser instead!

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