5 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Beloved One

From morning to evening, our day is busy with lot of meeting, journeys, appointments and works that may result in stress, depression and tensions. Due to which we can’t spend time with our beloved ones. But to thank those for their love towards us, we dedicated some of our days for to remember them. Mother’s day, Father’s day, Friendship day are some among those.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Particularly, Valentine day, a day that is dedicated to thank our life partner for his/her love towards us has its own importance. It may be school age love, teenage love or old age love. To mark the day, many of us tend to present gifts to our partners (male/female) to express our love towards them. Even though we present the gift expensive things, most of them fail to resemble your love. To help you here, we have listed a few gifts that can express your feelings. Have a look through…


We must agree that ‘watch’ is one among the handful of things without which most of us can’t survive. So, if you gift a watch to your partner, he or she will feel your presence when they look at the watch. Even they may think that you are supporting, encouraging and guiding them in every aspect by holding their hand.



A Wearable Band

In case your partner already possess a watch or your partner hates wearing the watch… then try to gift wearable bands. Just like watches, wearable bands too give a feel of your presence to your partner in every aspect of life. You can gift any of the various available wearable bands like rubber, plastic, gold or platinum based on your partners mindset.

A Wearable Band

A Wearable Band

Wallet or Purse

If at all your partner not interested in wearing watches or bands… then gift a wallet (for men) or purse (for women) to them. We need to carry money (currency notes and coins); atm cards and visiting cards while stepping out. To handle them safely… we need purse or wallet. Either to take out the money to buy something or visiting card to find the address… whatever might be the reason, your partner memorises you and feel your presence.

Wallet or Purse

Wallet or Purse

Flower Plant Or A Pet

Watches, wearable bands, wallets, chocolates, jewellery or even expensive gifts like smart phones, laptops etc… How much you afford buying the gift doesn’t matters. Gift is not to show our status to our partner… it should be give to express our love towards them. Instead of gifting artificial things just try out gifting a flower plant or a pet. Your partner experiences your love not only when receiving the gift, but also while receiving the lovely flowers from the plant periodically or during the sweet experiences from the pet presented by you.

Flower Plant Or A Pet

Flower Plant Or A Pet

Self Made Greeting Card

Think differently. Instead of gifting the things made by others… try making out a creative gift on yourself using colour pencils, cardboards, colour charts etc. The result may be a creative gift or funny one, don’t hesitate to gift it your partner. In case your partner impressed with your gift… that’s a great moment for you… otherwise, your gift may let your partner smile.

Self Made Greeting Card

Self Made Greeting Card

Try gifting any of the gifts to make your partner feel you still love her…

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