The Best Treatment For Hair Fall In Teenage Girls

Hair Fall In Teenage Girls

The problem of hair loss is not just the problem of old-age usually teenagers also facing the same problem. There may be several reasons for hair loss in teenage girls such as unhealthy food & lifestyle, obesity, and stress so on. But the hair loss in teenagers is often a temporary problem.The Best Treatment For Hair Fall In Teenage Girls

Generally, a healthy person loses 50 to 100 hairs per day. If you have long hair, you may feel that you are losing more hair. But this would be considered normal. And, if you are losing more than 100 hair every day, then any of possible internal damage or dehydration, unhealthy lifestyle, Improper diet, dandruff, hair products, drugs or medication, unhygienic routine can lead to massive hair fall. However, changing the season also causes for hair fall. Hair Fall In Teenage Girls

It’s saying that homemade hair care products ingredients are always good as compare to expensive branded shampoo and conditioner. So let check The Best Possible Treatment For Hair Fall. The Best Possible Treatment For Hair Fall.

The Best Treatment For Hair Fall In Teenage Girls

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo: 

You can fully benefit from using a natural, gentle shampoo rich in natural apple cider vinegar can aid regulate sebum production and cleanse your scalp. Apple cider vinegar shampoo promotes to detox your scalp and hair, improve blood circulation and restore shine. Using an Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo ensures that your hair follicles receive the nutrients and stay healthy. Hair Fall In Teenage Girls

DIY Shampoo With Soap Nuts

Soap nuts is an ancient Indian fruit, contain saponin, which is a natural surfactant, absolutely the best DIY shampoos. It creates foam when in contact with water. Simply boil some dry soap nuts in water, strain it. Use the liquid as a shampoo benefit to reduce hair fall. Soap Nuts For Hair Cleansingc

 DIY Hair Pack With Heena, Amla And Fenugreek

This is a very effective treatment for hair fall as these protein-rich nutrients natural pack controls the hair fall as well as helps hair re-growth. Make a paste by mixing henna, amla and fenugreek powder, sock all ingredients together overnight in water. Apply this mask to the hair and scalp, keep it for 1 to 2 hours, rinse your hair with plain water. Hair loss can be reduced with regular use of this remedy, nourish your hair follicles and treat hair fall problems.Soap Nuts (Reetha), Gooseberry (Amla) And Sikakayi (Acacia Concinna): How To Use Them Together As Hair Mask Or Hair Pack

 Essential Oil Massage

Head massage is also the best therapy which improves circulation. Take Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary oil together to head massage. Add five drops of all essential oil blend together and gently massage your scalp to stimulates blood circulation. You can also use Tea Tree, Lavender, Rosemary, Cedarwood, Lemon, Peppermint or Lemongrass to massage your hair. Take equal amount all essential oils into the bottle, shake to blend all together and use it to massage your scalp, before going to bed.  The Best Possible Treatment For Hair Fall in Teenage Girls

Most Teenage girls usually improved or reversed the hair fall once the problem identified. Using natural methods like scalp massage treatments can stimulate hair growth and minimize hair loss in teenage girls. Consume Protein-rich Foods such as eggs, green vegetables, yoghurt, and other foods rich in vitamins. Drink Plenty of water, and get enough sleep helps to make healthy and strong hair. 



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