Homemade Hair Conditioner: Follow To Conditioning Your Hair Naturally

Homemade Hair Conditioner

Have you ever heard of homemade conditioner or natural hair conditioning tips? Nature offers diverse healthy formulas, which can be used at home to conditioning your hair. Using these natural homemade hair conditioner to make your hair super smooth and shiny. Homemade Hair Conditioner: Follow To Conditioning Your Hair Naturally

Now, this is the time to take healthy care of your hair naturally, while washing your hair, you must take advantage of a natural hair conditioner. Make a habit of doing this natural conditioning treatment at least once a week gives you awe-inspiring results. Homemade Hair Conditioner

So scroll down the page to know these healthy natural ways of conditioning your hair at home.

Healthy Natural Ways Of Conditioning Your Hair At Home

#1. Fenugreek (Methi) And Yoghurt Mask For Natural Hair Conditioner 

Making with two ingredients Yogurt and Fenugreek seeds mask will transform your hair into fabulousness. The great thing about the magic mask is that it works for all hair types whether the hair is dry or greasy, frizzy or broken, everyone can use it.Fenugreek (Methi) And Yoghurt Mask For Natural Hair Conditioner

The protein-rich yoghurt works to enhance the hair canal, preventing breakage and adds volume and lustre to your hair. Regular use of fenugreek in a hair mask or deep conditioner will naturally soften your hair, restore shine and bounce.

Ingredients- One tbsp Fenugreek seed powder, five tbsp plain yoghurt.

Procedure- Mix both ingredients in a bowl, cover with a lid put aside for 2 hours. Apply this mask on your scalp and hair. Then cover up your head with the shower cap. Leave this on for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Wash with a mild shampoo. It is best to use once a week to maintain your hair.

#2.  Henna Powder & Amla Powder Natural Hair Conditioner 

 Henna  and Amla have proved to be a very efficient natural way of conditioner your hair at home. Amla is known as the source of antioxidants and Henna  powder (Mehndi) are basically used for the nourishment of the hair. Both ingredients used for deep conditioning your hair and prevents dandruff, hair loss, hair thinning. These components also promote hair growth and the natural bounce of the hair to gloss appearance. Henna Powder & Amla Powder Natural Hair Conditioner 

 Ingredients- 200 gram Henna  powder 1/2 tablespoon amla powder

 Procedure- Take1/2 tablespoon amla powder and appropriate Henna  powder, mix with water well until it types a dense insert, keep it overnight. The next day, apply this mixture to your scalp and hair, leave for two hours and rinse with a mild shampoo.

#3. Shikakai And Honey Hair Conditioning

Shikakai nourishes and makes strong hair roots to promote healthy hair growth. Its natural components aid to tighten the hair and keep moisture safe thereby develop the condition of hair. Shikakai And Honey Hair Conditioning

Ingredients- One tbsp shikakai powder, two tbsp honey, one teaspoon essential oil and one cup water

Procedure- Put shikakai powder, oil and honey in a bowl. Add boiling water and mix all ingredients well and leave for 20 minutes. Now apply this mixture in your scalp along with hair and leave it for 15 minutes and wash off well with a mild shampoo.

#4. Coconut Oil & Olive Oil Natural Hair Conditioning 

People with curly hair or hair that gets frizzy easily all you need is essential oil. Olive and  Coconut oil both are great remedy for hair conditioning. Coconut Oil & Olive Oil Natural Hair Conditioning 

Procedure- Mix an equal amount of coconut oil and olive oil, gently massage oil throughout your hair. Put a shower cap on your hair and relax. The heat from your head will give your hair a deep conditioning pleasure. After 30 minutes, take a shampoo your hair like you usually do or you can sleep with the shower cap on and just rinse your hair with mild shampoo in the next day.

 If your hair is very damaged and you want to speed up the conditioning process, and wrap your hair and shower cap with a warm towel to produce heat onto your hair and wash off after 30 minutes. Homemade Hair Conditioner to Your Hair Naturally

Conditioning is like a key for your hair. Never leave the conditioner for your hair because the shampoo can remove your hair nutrients. Using natural homemade conditioner produces oil to keep your hair safe; effects of shampooing that can be ruining to your hair so apply the conditioner from the root to the tips keep in for approximately 1 to 2 minute for a deep condition.

Priya Singha
Priya Singha: Priya is a freelance writer with an experience of 4+ years of her writing career. She pursued her Masters from DDU, Gorakhpur. She is very passionate about writing and is fond of writing short articles and blogs. She even has worked for several companies. Writing articles in the field of Health & Fitness, Beauty, Home Remedies and Travel are some of her most interested topics and brings out the best in her.


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