Know How to Wash Your Hair and Hair Scalp Properly

Wash Your Hair and Hair Scalp Properly

It’s time to be honest: we’ve made our hair grooming technique so routine that most of us would think we know how to wash our hair properly. However, hair hygiene goes far beyond the classic shampoo and conditioner wash. In fact, it has to do with a meticulous ritual that you should pay more attention to. Know How to Wash Your Hair and Hair Scalp Properly

For aesthetic reasons, as well as to eradicate bacteria and viruses that accumulate throughout the day – yes, these can adhere to the hair as well as to any point on our skin – emphasizing a deep cleaning is imperative. 

Prior Maintenance Hair Hygiene

Before starting hair hygiene, it is advisable to thoroughly brush the hair. This, in order to eliminate the largest amount of accumulated product, stimulate blood circulation and untangle each strand to avoid knots in the shower.

Prior Maintenance Hair Hygiene

The Ideal Product And The Right Amount To Wash Hair Correctly

A fundamental factor in knowing how to wash your hair correctly is selecting the optimal products. The rule is to do it according to your hair type —if it is curly or straight, dry or oily, healthy or damaged—, although you can also opt for a detoxifying line, suitable for any type of hair.

The washing nut is the fruit of the SapindusMukorossitree ,  also called soap tree, which grows in northern India and Nepal. Wash Hair Correctly

The washing nut has been used in India and Nepal for centuries as a washing  and cleaning product . They are used in the washing of silk sarees and traditional fabrics. For body and hair hygiene, for laundry and domestic cleaning.

Now, experts suggest applying an amount equivalent to the size of washing nuts. A moderate dose is enough to get a deep clean!

How To Wash Your Hair Properly

Start by applying the product to your palms and rubbing it in before spreading it on your hair. This gesture is proven to be much more effective than pouring it directly onto the scalp. Afterwards, smear it on the crown and begin to massage to create a lather.Wash Your Hair Properly

Concentrate on cleansing each section of the scalp with your fingertips, while gently pulsing to activate blood circulation.

Once you have finished, gradually push the foam down, passing it through the rest of the hair to rinse it under a stream of warm or slightly hot water; This temperature is more effective for deep cleaning, but don’t overdo it as you could dry out your hair. Washing Hair

Now, regarding conditioner, we recommend applying it from medium to ends and letting it work for at least a minute so that your hair really benefits from it. Rinse with plenty of cold water to seal the cuticle and enhance shine.

Washing Hair Frequency

Although spacing out washes is usually recommended, this look completely depends on your hair type. While curly, thick and abundant manes can afford to be cleaned every two to three days, thin, straight and oily hair should do it daily to improve their appearance. Washing Hair Frequency

Finding a suitable rhythm will help you maintain the natural oils produced by your hair, promoting maximum hydration and shine.

Now that you know how to wash your hair properly, there is no excuse for poor hair hygiene!

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