Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Women | Treatment For Lower Back Pain At Home

Lower back pain is a common problem that troubles millions of women. This pain disturbs the daily life of women, hamper their daily activities as well as causes restless sleep. It is a type of disease which causes sharp or dull pain in the waist.

Lower Back Pain In Women

Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Although lower back pain is common condition in women, during winter, it makes a lot of other health issues. There can be many reasons for lower back pain in women, but the real cause of these cramps and pain is not clear and it’s difficult to figure out. The physical pain in the lower back, including the following. Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Women And Treatment

  • Lower Back pain can result from prolonged sitting in a chair and not doing physical work.
  • It could have been the improper lifting of heavy objects, or sports.
  • Wearing high heels can cause lower back pain. It may also cause of pain and swelling in the feet and spinal cord is affected. So high heels can also reason for lower back pain in women.
  • Improper sitting and incorrectly Sleeping habits may cause lower back pain in women.
  • Overweight may cause excessive strain on the muscles that reason to lower back pain.
  • Menstrual cramps, pregnancy, ageing, herniated discs, or arthritis are also causing lower back pain in women.

Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency may also cause lower back pain in women. Treatment For Lower Back Pain At Home

Treatment And Relief for Lower Back Pain with Home Remedies

#1. Yoga

Yoga is the easiest way to get rid of lower back pain. Cobra pose, Sphinx Pose, Cobra Pose, Locust Pose, Bridge Pose, Downward-Facing Dog, Cat-Cow are some yoga poses which provide relief in back pain.

Try Yoga For Lower Back Pain

#2. Try Walking

Do not work by sitting in the same position for too long. Get up from your chair and walk for a while every forty minutes.  Try Walking For Lower Back Pain

#3. Low-Impact Exercise

Cycling and Swimming can be benefits for back pain which will improve blood circulation and flexibility. Moreover, exercise will give muscle strength and helps to maintain your ideal weight.  Low-Impact Exercise For Lower Back Pain

 #4. Oil Massage

Due to the lack of calcium, bones become weak, so take calcium-rich things. Heat three to four buds of garlic in mustard oil every morning. Massage the waist with this oil when it is cold for better relief.  Oil Massage For Lower Back Pain

Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in warm water and take a bath. Bathing with this water ease pain of your back pain.

#5. Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold packs therapy also best that relieve in lower back pain and stiffness. First, apply with a cold pack. Then after two days You can put a towel in the salted hot water and squeeze it. Apply a steam towel in the pain area. This method will ease any kind of pain happening in your lower back. Hot and Cold Therapy For Lower Back Pain At Home   

#6. Improve your Lifestyle

Apart from this, you have to change your diet, stretching, strengthening, sleep, and smoking habits to get better your overall health. 

 So if you are upset with the lower back pain, find the causes of it and adopting the given remedies specialized to the pain. If you have a severe condition, don’t be late to visit a doctor. Lower Back Pain in Women

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