Top Signs To Find Estrogens Dominance In Female | 6 Possible Ways To Reduce Estrogens Dominance Naturally

Top Signs To Find Estrogens Dominance In Female

  • Irritation, Mood swings,
  • Weight gain in the midsection, hip and thighs
  • Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression
  • Low sex drive
  • Irregular period with heavy bleeding
  • PCOS problem
  • Fibroids
  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Thyroid dysfunction

Possible Ways To Reduce Estrogens Dominance Naturally

 If you are one of those women who are facing any of the above problem then your body’s estrogens levels are abnormally high compare to your progesterone levels, which is known as estrogens dominance. Nowadays, nine out of ten women are passing through this problem. The sources use in regular life such as your cosmetics, birth control pills, pesticides, all these chemical agents are direct effects on estrogens receptor into our body. 

Top Signs To Find Estrogens Dominance In Female|6 Possible Ways To Reduce Estrogens Dominance Naturally

There are many possibilities to reverse Estrogens Dominance naturally.    

6 Possible Ways To Reduce Estrogens Dominance Naturally

#1. Use Good Quality Shower For Bathing 

Your shower is one of the major sources of toxins. We always use good filter to drinking water but pay attention to the good shower filter, it’s also important to use in high-quality shower filters so that your body do not absorb toxins, fluoride, chemicals from water. 

Hot Water Shower

#2. Avoid Birth Control Pills

The birth control pill one of the major causes of the hormone imbalance. The birth control pill releases synthetic progesterone that it suppresses natural progesterone production in our body.

Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills

#3. Reduce Your Stress Level

 Reducing stress can work best for our health as well as for estrogens. So, make sure to include activities that help to reduce stress, such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises every day. Reduce Your Stress Level

#4. Avoid Chemicals Exposure

Nowadays, almost every food sources, personal hygiene products, cosmetics, cleaning products and even toxins in our drinking water. Which unexpectedly affects our hormone balance. Be careful before purchasing such items, whether it’s packaging food or raw vegetable, wash it well before use, because it may contain pesticides or other toxins. Escape from high intense products cosmetic and house cleaning products. You can use an organic product instead, which is safer than such products. Avoid Chemicals Exposure

#5. Regular Exercise

Exercise, too, is the easiest and right way to treat estrogens dominance, especially sweating, detoxification exercises. Cardio exercise is the easiest way that helps to detoxification.



#6. Reduce Sugar Intake

If you eat a high sugar diet, reduce your sugar intake. The sugar can be a spike in hormonal cortisol. High cortisol levels disrupt the delicate estrogens/progesterone balance, increase estrogens level, and decrease progesterone, worsening the estrogens dominance condition. Say goodbye to sugar today. Reduce Sugar Intake

Just avoiding one thing of your life will not improve estrogens dominance condition. You have to adopt multiple approaches. These include stress management, a good diet, regular exercise, and elimination of toxins exposure. It will need to regulate its specific situations accordingly.

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