Junk Foods and their Impact on Health

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Junk food – very popular word and no need to introduce. Everyone is enjoying the taste of junk food irrespective of their age group. Youngsters and middle aged people fell in love with its delicious taste. It is affordable and readily available.

Nuclear families are more in number now a day. Everyone wants lead esteem life with an own house and car. Wife and husband have to work to meet 21st century financial requirements of children education. Nobody is having time to prepare food at home.

Junk Foods and their Impact on Health

Junk Foods and their Impact on Health

Negative Consequences:-

People habituated to junk food. Of course there is no doubt in its mouth-watering taste. But the fact is that it is not nutritionally balanced. There are lots of negative consequences of eating junk food. Junk foods are high in calories, fat and oil content. Manufacturers uses high amount of salt, sugar and carbohydrates in preparing these processed food items.

Cause depression:
Junk food includes Hot dog, French fries, potato chips, burger, pizza, sandwich, Fried chicken, chicken nuggets, fast food and soft drinks. Junk food is not nutritional. It lacks essential vitamins and minerals. In this situation it’s difficult to concentrate and also cause depression.

Obesity problems:
People skip breakfast and preferred to have a Hot dog with soft drink. This will give immediate energy but will falls quickly. Again will go for a quick snack causes over weight gain. Eating excessive amount of junk food leads to obesity also. It’s difficult to digest high amount of saturated fat. Intestine uses major portion of blood for this purpose. We feel drowsy in this situation.

Obesity Problems

Obesity Problems

Cause Heart Diseases:

Extra weight will raise cholesterol and blood pressure levels leads to heart disease like cardiac arrest and atherosclerosis. Packaged foods are contains high amount of salt, or sodium. This will increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart stroke. Regular consumption of soft drinks, sweet items and junk food will cause tooth cavity.

Cause constipation problems:
Liver also get damaged due to junk food. High amount of fat in junk food will cause to fatty liver deposits. If this will continue for a longer period of time leads to liver cirrhosis. Junk foods don’t contain fiber. It will cause constipation problems.

Cause kidney diseases:
Manufactures use sodium as preservative and for flavour. Sodium and potassium must be balanced in our body. Kidneys play a key role in this. High sodium can damage kidneys as they remove less water. This will put strain on them results to kidney disease.

Heart Problems:
Junk food contains saturated fats that increase the risk of heart attacks. Foods such as pizza, burgers and potato chips contain large amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol.

Heart Problems

Heart Problems

Cells get Resistance to Insulin:

Processed carbohydrates used in junk food causes insulin resistance in cells. Those cells won’t respond to insulin, which leads to rapid rise in blood sugar levels will increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Junk food is addictive because artificial flavours are used in its making. Those have impact on brain as cocaine and heroin. Once we habituated to eat junk food on regular basis it’s difficult to avoid, but not impossible. These foods impact on health dangerously. Gradually decrease the frequency of eating junk food and give priority to homemade foods.

Remember these effects of junk food in mind before eating anything; a healthy diet will give greater energy levels and improves concentration power. Healthy food habits decreases the risk factors for heart attacks and diabetes.

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