How to Improve your Emotional Health and Feeling Happier

Feeling Happier:

Life has become busy for everyone, there is no time to relax and in this process man is coming under tremendous stress. Overcoming stress seems almost impossible. It is not safe for mind and body. It also leads to many problems and depression. So, let’s see ways to beat stress and feeling happier.


Many don’t have time to meditate and they give all the reasons for not meditating. People don’t have to meditate for hours together; only 10-15 min of meditation would be handy. No matter when you do it, but practice doing it. It will have huge impact on you. So, start practicing as soon as possible.

Feeling Happier Meditation

Feeling Happier Meditation

Smell oils:

You might be bit surprised to see this, but smelling certain oils just works wonders on humans. Yes, it is absolutely true, smelling essential oils is said to kill flu’s and decrease stress. For example: peppermint, lavender, etc.


Many of us like listening music and it is one of the easiest way to beat stress. One feel relaxed when listening to music. Listening to the music which the person likes keeps him happy and makes him feel light. So, go and listen to your favorite music.

Feeling Happier Music

Feeling Happier Music

Brisk Walk:

Walking is another option to keep stress at bay. Sitting for hours together is not advisable and it leads to other diseases as well. A small walk can just keep stress away.


Avoid caffeine as it tends to increase adrenaline levels in the body and causes anxiousness. Having a cut in your coffee is consumption to beat stress.

Nutritious Food:

Eating right and balanced food also keeps stress away and makes you feel relaxed. Nutritious diet keeps our brain calm and eats food peacefully instead of eating in hurry and burry.

Feeling Happier Meditation Nutritious-

Feeling Happier Nutritious Food

Smoking and Alcohol:

Both these drain nutrition’s from the body and leads to severe depression. People should avoid them as soon as possible; and must consume or smoke occasionally.


Exercise tends to increase circulation of blood and leads to release of certain hormones which make us feel energetic and happy. It increases your stamina and strength to do all kind of activities.

Feeling Happier Exercise

Feeling Happier Exercise

Understand Stress:

Try to identify areas or things which are causing stress or put you under pressure and keep away from those things to live a happy life. Don’t regret about past doings, stay focused on future and there are many beautiful things in this world to lead a happy life.

Play with Pets:

Those who have pets should feel lucky as playing with them will make you feel relax.

Feeling Happier Play with Pets

Feeling Happier Play with Pets

Watch your Favorite movies:

Spend time with close friends whom you can share your feelings. Go for a movie or invite them to your home and watch your favorite movies. Relax and chill with friends. Spending quality time with friends will just takes away all worries. So, don’t miss your friends.
So, follow these simple tips to lead a happy and healthy life and beat stress.

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