Common Germ Filled Areas in our Daily Life

Common Germ

Germs are such organisms which make human beings fall sick and lead to all sort of diseases. They are present everywhere, from home to public places. In fact one can’t escape from germs. Bacteria and virus also comes under germs. It is said that almost 60,000 types of bacteria are identified till date. We all know how serious it can be being prone to these sorts of germs. Many people have been the victims of bacteria and germs, especially in those who have low immunity levels. However, having strong immunity can be seen as a positive sign or remedy as far as germs are considered. Here let’s look at a few common germ filled areas which are present in our day to day activities.

Grocery Stores:

We often touch products and carts used to carry products and the products will have lot of bacteria and other infections attached to it, because customers touché the products or cart with sneezed or coughed hands. So, customer transfers the infections to products. Especially carts are said to have E.coli bacteria. So, be careful and don’t allow children to touch carts.

Grocery stores

Grocery stores

Work Place:

We might be surprised to know that the work place which looks clean is actually a hub of infections. Yes it is absolutely true. The main reason is cleanliness, i.e., lack of proper cleaning. The place or systems we use are not cleaned with disinfectants solutions and so they pave way for accumulation of infections. So, avoid keeping snacks or lunch on the table of work place and wash hands before you eat the food.

Work Place

Work Place

Public Areas:

As we all know that public areas like bathrooms, toilets, etc are filled with infections and most of the infections transferred when you touch buckets, mugs, western toilet seating area, etc with hands. Have a bath whenever you go to public toilets and as said wash your hands with good hand wash solutions.

Notes and Coins:

The money which we use also contains lot of infections as it gets passed from one person to another. So, make sure that you won’t keep notes and coins in your mouth, as we usually do

Swimming Pools:

Swimming polls are used by many people and not cleaning it properly may lead to accumulation of harmful bacteria. Usually, swimming pool water will contain chlorine to kill germs but it may not kill all kind of germs. Make sure that you have bath once you are out of pool and also don’t allow water to enter your mouth and stomach.

Swimming pools

Swimming pools

Remotes and switches:

We often use TV remote and other switches in our home and eat the food with the same hands. As mentioned above, our family members use the switch or remote with sneezed or coughed hands and it makes transfer of infections from one person top another and makes us fall sick.

Cell Phone:

Our cell phones also contains bacteria as we touch it many a times in a day or we give it to our friends and colleagues, which will transfer bacteria from one person to another.

Cell phone

Cell phone

Having said all that, one should wash hands before consuming food to keep all diseases at bay.

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