Face Primer For A Perfect Makeup | How To Apply It The Right Way

What Is Makeup Primer?

Just as a painter applies primer to the wall before painting to smooth the surface, the face primer is sort of like a base for your makeup, acts as a layer between the skin & makeup which ensures that your makeup lasts for a long time and give your skin a smooth, flawless finish.Face Primer For A Perfect Makeup | How To Apply It The Right Way

The use of primer is the first step of makeup that ensures that your skin is well prepared for makeup. Use primer on both your face and neck. The primer hydrates your skin, tightens pores, hide facial lines, protects skin and gives your makeup a shiny or matte effect. Whether you want shiny or a matte one, there are all type of primers for different skin types. What Is Makeup Primer?

How To Apply Face Primer In The Right Way

STEP 1- Clean your face thoroughly with soap or face wash.

STEP 2- After cleansing the face, wipe your face with a soft towel and let it dry properly.

STEP 3- Apply a good moisturizer or sunscreen over your face and neck.

STEP 4- Now apply a primer in small dots all over your face, forehead, nose, chin and neck. Now allow it to blend gently with the skin.

STEP 5- Take a little primer on your palm, and apply it to your nose with the help of your fingertips. While applying the primer, focus on the parts of the face where the makeup does not last long. Once the primer absorbs, you will get a clean and smooth base. Now you are ready to apply your foundation. How To Apply Face Primer In The Right Way

Why Is It Important To Apply Primer While Applying Makeup ( Facts & Benefits)

Smooth And Flawless Appearance

Primer is a vital step which creating the right base for complete makeup. It helps to create a smooth canvas for makeup, giving the skin a flawless perfection.How To Apply It The Right Way

Hydrate Your Skin

Primers come in a clear or tinted cream or gel formula, its layer helps to lock hydration in the skin; which is usually applied after moisturizer and before foundation.

Hide Ageing

Applying primer before makeup gives your skin a youthful and gorgeous look. It helps hide signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles. The primer filled with anti-ageing properties that protect your skin from fine lines and cover wrinkles while giving a great look during makeup. 

Mattifies Skin

Using primer helps to seal the pores by preventing oil production on the skin and mattify your makeup. You can also mix the primer with the foundation to get a perfect matte finish look.

Moisturised Your Face

 A makeup primer can be used alone, as it does without other layers of makeup. It acts as a moisturizing layer on your face, makes your face a smooth appearance.

Primer is available in many sorts, and one can use it according to skin type. If your skin is dry, then you should use gel or illuminating primer. Apply a primer containing salicylic acid for oily skin.


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