CTM For Summer Skincare Routine, What Is CTM?

Due to heat, pollution and dust, our skin becomes greasy & grimy in summer. But following the CTM Skincare routine will keep your skin beautiful  & radiant for longer. No matter what skin type you have, if you also want to keep your skin healthy and supple in summer, it is not difficult to achieve it.  Ctm For Summer Skincare Routine, What Is Ctm?

What Is Ctm?

CTM is the basic skincare regime that includes three basic methods of Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing. Daily use of CTM protects your skin from dirt, pollution as well as tanning and makes your skin healthy and glowing.What Is Ctm?

Cleansing: Cleansing helps to remove your skin from dirt, makeup, grime, and impurities. It also helps to clear all the dust, dead skin, cleansing the pores and gives you a clean, bright look. You can use face wash or cleansing milk in the morning and night to get healthy and glowing skin in summer. 

Toning: Toning helps to condition your skin, tighten pores and remove excess sebum from the skin. Toning only enhances the skin and makes the skin beautiful. Swiping and dabbing your face with a good toner ensures that your skin is hydrated and conditioned. It also minimizes open pores and prevents clogging. It creates the base for your skin to better absorb the nutrients from your day cream or night cream. It also balances the skin and restores the skin’s natural pH level.

Moisturizing: Moisturizing followed by cleansing and toning. The moisturizer replenishes the lost nutrients of your skin. It helps to nourish the process of hydration and renewal of your skin. Moisturizing removes dryness and tightness in the skin, which causes damage to the skin.

How to Follow CTM Routine in Summer

Step One For Cleansing Your Skin- Cleansing is the first step that used to clean your skin. For this, you can chose a suitable face wash or cleanser. Do not use soap,  you can use essential or baby oil for makeup remover. Gently massage your face in circular and upward motions with your favourite oil and leave it on for 5 minutes. Now remove the excess oil with a cotton ball, follow by a face wash or cleanser. Do not wash the face with water just after cleansing.How to Follow CTM Routine in Summer

Step Two For Toning Your Skin- For toning, you can spray toner directly on the face or apply a small amount of toner on your palm and pat it on the face. If you like to apply natural remedy, use green tea or rose water regularly for toning. These make your skin soft as well as tightens your skin

 Step Three For Moisturizing Your Skin- For moisturizing, one should gently massage your face and neck in a circular motion by applying moisturiser cream. If the skin is dry then apply oil-based moisturizer, and gel-based  moisturizer is best for oily or combination skin.Step Three For Moisturizing Your Skin

Instead of using a cosmetic product,  some natural ingredients are more effective and long-lasting. You can choose homemade alternatives for CTM routines that are 100% natural and beneficial for your face.

Everyone must follow the CTM formula for a daily skincare routine, which will keep your skin healthy and glowing not only in summer but throughout the year.



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