These Are The Foods To Eat And To Avoid If You Have Nausea

The Foods To Eat And To Avoid If You Have Nausea

Nausea is a feeling where you tend to vomit and whatever you eat you feel as if it is coming out. Nausea can be caused by pregnancy, food intolerance, hormonal disorders, cancer treatments, surgery, stomach infections.

The Foods To Eat And To Avoid If You Have Nausea

The Foods To Eat And To Avoid If You Have Nausea

If you stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes in balance then nausea can be tamed well. But, there are some foods as well that make you feel nauseated. It is a good idea to know about these foods that you should eat or avoid to keep nausea at bay.

Foods To Eat

1# Banana

Banana helps in stimulating mucus in the stomach lining and this helps in relieving gastric problems and nausea as well. Banana is a rich source of energy and it is packed with nutrients that are safe for the body and keeps you fuller for a longer time.

2# Coconut Water

Coconut water helps in building up the electrolytes in the body and prevents nausea. Consuming coconut water regularly helps in treating morning sickness in pregnant women and dehydration as well. You can also add lemon juice to coconut water in order to enhance its taste.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

3# Ginger

Ginger has a component called gingerol that helps in relieving nausea and gives you an instant relief. Chew on a ginger root or boil it with water to make ginger tea. Consume it once in a day to get relief from nausea.

4# Herbal Tea

Herbal teas give instant relief from nausea as they have a soothing impact on our senses and keeps us relaxed. Most popular herbal tea like chamomile and peppermint helps in giving relief from nausea and vomiting. These herbal teas also increases the hunger and helps us in eating healthy food from time to time.

5# Apple

Apple is very high in fiber and keeps our body free from toxins. Apple helps in digestion and accelerates bowel movement that keeps nausea and constipation at bay. Eat 1 apple on daily basis with breakfast or with lunch to derive ots health benefits and to get relief from nausea.



Foods To Avoid

1# Oily Food

Avoid too oily food or deep-fried food at any cost when you suffer from nausea as this aggravates the situation and leads to vomiting. Oily food promotes gas and is very hard for your digestive system to digest. So, it is a good idea to say no to oily food at any cost in order to avoid nausea.

2# Refined Sugar

Sugar aggravates the problem of nausea and foods rich in refine sugar are not digested by the body easily. They lead to heartburn and vomiting as well. If you have craving for sugar then you can always eat fruits to get natural sugar and drink fresh fruit juices. Avoid processed juices too as they contain high amount of refined sugar and artificial flavors as well.

Refined Sugar

Refined Sugar

3# Alcohol

Alcohol aggravates nausea as it leads to dehydration in the body. Alcohol is diuretic in nature that aggravates dehydration in the body. Keep away from alcohol to stay healthy and free from nausea.

4# Spicy Food

Spicy food increases acidity and also leads to indigestion so it is a good thing to avoid eating spicy food in order to get relief from nausea. Eat boiled food or less spicy food for better digestion and to get rid of nausea.

Spicy Food

Spicy Food

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