Stair Exercise For Weight Loss: Try These 5 Simple Stair Workouts To Quick Weight Loss

Looking for an easy, safest, and natural weight loss way then, stair exercises are one of them, which provide the greatest benefits in terms of rapid weight loss. Find some stairs to Climb, Run, Jump, Step Up then, come down and repeat; these are the most effective Stair Workouts for burning a lot of calories quickly and losing weight, if done consistently.

5 Simple Stair Workouts To Quick Weight Loss

#1.Climbing Stairs

Climbing stairs for 30 minutes can burn approximately 235 calories. The benefits of stair climbing include not only weight loss but also a reduced risk of injury. Begin with 3-5 minutes of Stair Climbing workouts per day, and gradually increase the duration of exercise to 5-10 minutes, keep your back straight while climbing stairs. Attempt to do at least 20-30 minutes of stair climbing three to four times a week. Simple Stair Workouts To Quick Weight Loss

#2. Stair Push-Ups (Incline Push Up)

Stair push-ups are ideal for beginners because they are simple to perform. Begin with the step by slowly placing your both hands by placing your body at plank position on third step of stairs. Make sure your hands should be straight and under the shoulders. Begin lowering your body until your chest is touching the stairwell while giving the full weight of the body on the palms, lift the body up and then bring it back down. Inhale and bend your elbows. Exhale while straightening your arms and come back to the same position. Keep in mind that don’t put too much pressure on your neck and back. Repeat 5 to 10 times. Don’t let your hips drop or change position.

#3. Step Up

Place yourself at the bottom of the stairwell. Raise your right leg and step forward to the second step by skipping the first step. Now push off the floor with your left foot and shift your weight to your right. Swing your left leg forward by bending your left knee, while swinging your right arm forward for balance. Begin by doing this 5 step up and switch the side to reap the benefits.

#4. Stair Hops

Stair Hopping is a great workout to lose weight quickly. You must jump on the stairs with both feet for this exercise.

 Stand at the bottom of the staircase with your feet hip-width apart. Now, jump onto the first stair; as you do so, you will be able to go onwards to the other stairs. You can also go back down and do it again. Maintain your body’s balance while moving forward in the same way. Return slowly to the bottom in the same way after reaching the top.

#5. Fast Feet

Begin at the bottom of the staircase and sprint to the top as quickly as you can, moving your feet as quickly as a football drill. Try perform the five flights of stairs. That is, if you only have one flight, you will sprint to the top, sprint back down, and repeat 5 times for a better result. Fast Feet

All of the above workouts are very simple to do, and the best part is that you can do them at any time to burn calories, lose weight, and improve your overall health. Simple Stair Workouts To Quick Weight Loss

Priya Singha
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