Natural Remedies for Skin Disorders

The skin is the largest organ of our body. There is a possibility to get cured early by any organ in the body, but it takes lot of time in case of skin disorders. When skin affected by disease, there are some natural ways to reduce them. Let’s look at them.

Black gram remedy:

Black gram is a good medicine for your skin. Take a little black gram and mashed with water. Apply it on the white spots. If you follow this everyday, white spots will be reduced gradually.

Black Gram Remedy

Black Gram Remedy

Kerosine oil:
Kerosine oil is a good drug for skin problems. Its true. If you apply it on the skin repeatedly, sin diseases such as scabies and eczema, etc will be reduced quickly.

Holy basil or Tulasi leaves:
Tulasi leaves are a good medicine for curing skin illnesses. Juice of Tulasi leaves is to be mixed with camphor and mashed it finely. Rub it on the hypigmented spots and let it dry. Your problem will be solved by doing this frequently.

Bathing with salt water:
A little salt and lemon juice is to be mixed with bathing water. Regular following of this remedy will cure itching and hives. In addition the body turns bright.

Tulasi and Lemon juice:
Take a little Tulasi juice and blend it with lemon juice. Spread it on the affected area. This method helps to reduce scabies, eczema, itching and hives quickly.

Swallow-wort milk:

Equal amounts of Swallow-wort milk (Jilledu) and mustard oil is to be mixed well together. Take a little mixture and rub it on the calluses which occur on the feet. This problem is cured by following this method frequently.

Swallow Wort Milk

Swallow Wort Milk

Honey and Ghee:
Take 5 gm of raw honey and 8 gm of ghee in a bowl. Mix them well. Even severe trauma will be reduced if you apply it on regular basis. Expose yourself in the smoke of burning Ajwain. This remedy helps to reduce itching and hives gradually.

Turmeric and amla powder:
Take 3 gm of turmeric powder and blend it with 6 gm of amla powder. Bloodletting and tanning will be done by consuming this solution with water.

Tulasi leaves and camphor:
Mashed tulasi leaves and camphor should be applied on the white spots before going to bed. Rinse off in the morning. If you carry out this procedure for two to three weeks daily, the white spots integrated into the body.

So let’s start preparing above mentioned mixtures to cure skin disorders.

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