Excess Facial Hair In Females: Causes and How to Improve

Excess Facial Hair In Females

Excess body hair in females is known as hirsutism. This condition is usually caused due to hormonal imbalance. In women, a surplus of facial hair creates an unpleasing profile and hampers your appearance. Do not worry as there are natural and effective ways to get rid of facial hair. But let us first learn the causes of excess facial and bodily hair in females.

Excess facial Hair In Females

Excess facial Hair In Females

What Causes Excess Facial Hair in Females

Hirsutism is the medical term used to define the condition of excess hair in the female. It appears in different areas such as the face, back, stomach, chest and legs. This condition is caused due to the increased male hormone which is usually produced in a female in low amounts.

PCOD is the most common reason for hirsutism. It has also been found that females from Mediterranean countries an India are more likely to develop unwanted facial hair. Cushing syndrome where the level of cortisol hormone increases in women may also be a cause of increased facial hair in females. This condition is more common in women who are taking medications for asthma or arthritis.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair

You may get rid of unwanted body hair by waxing, threading and other aggressive hair removal methods. But for the face, you need some natural ways that are gentle on your skin and gives excellent results. So in this article, we share with you home remedies to get rid of facial hair naturally.

How to get rid of unwanted facial hair

How to get rid of unwanted facial hair

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Facial Hair Naturally

Chickpea Flour and Lemon

The combination of chickpea flour and lemon makes a perfect exfoliator. It decreases dead skin cells and also removes unwanted hair.
It is a home remedy for facial hair that is known since ages to use and can be readily prepared.
Mix 50 grams of chickpea flour with half teaspoon lemon and a teaspoon of curd. Make a paste and apply it on your face. Leave it for half an hour.

Chickpea flour and Lemon

Chickpea flour and Lemon

When the paste dries removing it with the help of a towel by pressing the towel firmly in the direction of the hair. Remove the remaining product with the help of a warm and damp cloth. Repeat this three time in a week in the evening.

Egg and Corn Flour-

Combination of egg and cornflour makes a sticky and thick paste. It not only cleans the treated area and removes unwanted hair but also makes the treated area soft. Whip an egg and beat it. Add five teaspoon of corn flour to it and mix well. Make sure the paste is thick. F you need to add more cornflour to thicken the paste add it. Apply the paste on your upper lips and chin. Rub gently in circular motion. Rinse well with water. Repeat this 2-time in a week.

Egg and corn flour

Egg and corn flour

Turmeric and Papaya-

The enzyme papaya present in papaya breaks the hair follicle and prevents the growth of excess hair. The benefits of papaya in getting rid of excessive facial hair doubles when turmeric is added. The combination of both makes the skin soft and smooth.

Grind a slice of papaya and make its paste. Add a teaspoon of turmeric to the paste. Apply the paste to your face and massage gently in circular motion. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Repeat this three times in a week.

Turmeric and Milk-

Both the ingredients are anti-inflammatory and have exfoliating properties; They inhibit the growth of unwanted facial hair a dmakes the skin smooth. Add a teaspoon of turmeric to the sufficient amount of milk to make a paste. Apply the paste to your upper lips. Leave it for 30 minutes and then rub gently in circular motion. This is followed by rinsing it off.

Baking Soda and Ground Coffee-

Ground coffee along with baking soda removes not only unwanted facial hair but also from other body parts.
Add two tablespoon of coffee and one teaspoon of baking soda to the amount of water enough to make a paste. Apply paste to your face and other body parts with unwanted hair. Rub gently and leave it for a few minutes to dry. Wash your face in 10-15 minutes.

To avoid worsening of facial hair avoid taking any medications without consulting your doctor and stay out of the sun if you are not wearing sunscreen.

Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta
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