Benefits of Mud Therapy And Types Of Mud Therapy

Have You Ever Tried Mud Therapy?

Do you know that Mud has the Property to Absorb Toxins?

Ayurveda believes that our body is made up of five elements: water, fire, earth or mud, space and air. As mentioned in the previous line one of the five elements is mud, and it has a significant impact on the human body.
Mud contains essential compounds that have positive effects on the human body. It is rich in minerals and nutrients. It not only absorbs but also helps the body get rid of harmful toxins. Also, it has healing properties. Thus, it is very useful in treating and preventing a number of diseases.

Benefits of Mud Therapy And Types Of Mud Therapy

Benefits of Mud Therapy And Types Of Mud Therapy

Apart from its healing property mud also has a cooling effect. It has the ability to hold the moisture for long. It relaxes the body and calms the mind.

How Mud Therapy work?

Mud is dark in colour and it absorbs the colours of the sun, directs them into our body and gives its therapeutic properties. In addition, mud retains moisture for a longer duration. When the mud is applied over the entire body, it renders a cooling effect.

Mud is so easy to apply over the body as its shape and consistency changes on adding water.

How Mud Therapy work

How Mud Therapy work

Mud found in all over the world but its property varies with the area. The mud of different regions has different properties as the composition varies depending on the territory of origin, types of rock in those areas and is influenced by flora and fauna of the region. It is always recommended to learn the specific property of the mud of the area you want to utilize.

What Are The Benefits Of Mud Therapy

Mud therapy is a cost-effective healing therapy that removes harmful toxins and excess of heat from the body. It relaxes the muscle and stiff joints, improves the circulation of blood, reduces constipation, improves digestion and reduces inflammation.

You will find mud therapy helpful in treating headache caused due to dehydration and spending hours under the sun. It keeps the issues like heat stroke caused due to dry and hot summer winds at bay.

What Are The Benefits Of Mud Therapy

What Are The Benefits Of Mud Therapy

Mud therapy is also beneficial for your skin and hair. It nourishes hair, adds moisture to the scalp and improves the health of hair. It treats frizzy and dull hair and brings back shine and lustre.

Mud therapy effectively repairs and prevents the damage sun heat causes to skin. It reduces dark spots, blemishes, early sign of ageing, rashes and skin allergies.

Multani mitti, a most popular mudpack, rejuvenates skin and treats many skin and hair issues.

How To Use Mud To Reap Its Benefits

Mud Packs:

1.Eye Mud Pack

Eye mudpacks are used to relax eyes. It is very good for eyes that get tired after working for long on screens. Mudpack reduces itching, irritation and burning of eyes. Just apply the eye mudpack to your closed eyelids. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and wash it off. Eye mudpack is also useful in conjunctivitis and eyeball haemorrhage. You can also use it to reduce eyeball tension. It also helps in correcting refractive errors.

2.Mud Pack for Head

A head mudpack is a narrow and thick band over the forehead. Mudpack for the head is effective in treating helps to heal congestive headache pain, migraine and headache due to stress or heat.

3.Face Mud Pack

To make mud pack for face fine mud is used. The paste and applied on the face. After 30 minutes, it is washed off. This pack absorbs excess oil and skin toxins. It is found useful in treating acne and improving skin complexion. It also effectively reduces dark circles around eyes.

Face Mud Pack

Face Mud Pack

4.Mud Pack for Abdomen

Here the mudpack is applied to the abdomen is applied for about 20 minutes to half an hour. It reduces intestinal heat, stimulates peristalsis and treats indigestion.

Mud Bath

For mud, bath mud is applied to the entire body. The patient is made either to sit or lie-down. After that, the patient with a mudpack is exposed to sunlight intermittently. After 45 minutes, mud is removed. This process increases blood circulation. It cleans the skin and removes toxins. Mud bath is useful in many skin diseases such as psoriasis, urticaria, leprosy, and other skin conditions.

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