Tricks to Look Taller and Slim

We often see fat men and women who are shorter in height. They hesitate to attend people gatherings and very sensitive about their height. Now need to worry, we can trick the eyes with new trendy fashionable dressing style. There are few tricks we can do with modern makeover. This will help to look taller, slim and build confidence also.

Dressing tips to look taller:-

For men:
Avoid round neck T-shirts:
Prefer to wear V-neck T-shirts. The V shape sharpens the appearance by showing more neck that creates the tall impression.

Wear vertical line pattern shirts:
Vertical lines help to look taller and slim. Avoid horizontal patterns.
Prefer to wear dark trouser with a light coloured shirt.

Dressing tips to look taller

Dressing tips to look taller

Wear tight outfit:
Choose the perfect fit shirts and avoid loose fit patterns.

Prefer dark colours:
Black colour makes fat people to look slim and short to look tall.
Wear blazers with three buttons and top and bottom should be closest shade.
Don’t carry overstuffed wallet in pockets.

Heeled shoe:
There are manufacturers who will make heeled shoe. Choose stylish and moderate heel shoe.

Dressing Tips For Women:-

Use high heels:
Wearing high heels will definitely make look taller. Avoid ankle boots.

Go for mini-skirts:
Mini-skirts show more skin. More legs you expose taller you appear. Remember not to wear too short.
Do not wear tops that fall below the hips.

Hair style:
Don’t cut hair too short. Long loose hair will create the taller impression.
Do not wear more colours together. Use dark colours like grey, black, purple, navy that will make you appear taller.

Avoid big belts:
Always use skinny belts. It will shows natural waist in attractive way.
Try to wear skirts that are longer than they are wide.
Leave your jacket or blazer unbuttoned.

Proper accessories:
Wearing long necklace will gives the impression of having long neck.
Right body posture and look straight.
Prefer to wear deep v neck tops that will show upper body visually to look taller.
Buy a shapewear it will distribute fat and hold you in.

Try flared jeans:
Create an illusion of a longer leg by wearing fitted jeans with a distinct flare.

A well-cut maxi skirt:
Wearing a well-cut maxi skirt would give you the appearance of looking slim.
Wear a pair of wedges underneath.

Dressing Tips to Look Taller for Women

Dressing Tips to Look Taller for Women

Select heels with a low-cut vamp:
When you are wearing shorts and skirts, a low-cut vamp shoes would elongate your leg.

Wearing mini-skirt would show your illusion of longer leg.
Make sure that you choose a matching top.

These are few trendy tips which help people to look smarter and confident. People look taller and slim with above mentioned fashionable dressing styles.

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