Feng Shui Tips For Your Homes

Feng shui which translates as wind-water in English, is a part of Chinese philosophy that makes use of objects according to the various elements of earth to attract healthy , wealthy and peaceful living. It discusses architecture in metaphoric terms of “invisible forces” that bind the universe , earth and humanity together, known as qi.

Feng Shui Tips For Your Homes

Feng Shui Tips For Your Homes

Bringing in Feng shui to your interiors are actually easy and it could bring positive changes and energy (chi) in your life.

A few Such Things are Discussed Here:

1.Understand the ‘Bagua’

The feng shui states about a map which lets one know the specific areas of your home that relates to specific areas of your life. This map is called the bagua which can be calculated in 2 ways. You can sort directions to define elements and then place feng shui elements accordingly.



2.Clutter Free Spaces

Cluttering is a clear no-no. A cluttered room can actually hinder the energy flow. Therefore take some time and energy out to clean the space and give it a much sorted and clean arrangement. Clear out things you don’t need. Display furnishing and accessories neatly.

3.Proper Ventilation and Circulation

Basic science tells us that proper light and air are important for interiors. Include more openings like that of window which could be open to let in air and light. Make use of as much light as possible and use full spectrum lights.
This will again bring in chi to your homes which is good and positive. You can also use air purifiers or air purifying plants suggested by feng shui.

4.Use Feng Shui Colours

One can either use colours according to your feng shui star or according to the purpose you wish to accomplish. For example, if you decide to choose colour according to your star, a person of sun can go for fire and wood colours.
Also you could go for blues for your workspaces.

Use Feng Shui Colours

Use Feng Shui Colours

5.For Love and Romance

Feng shui, amazingly, also helps to attract love, romance and happiness in a home. Keep away TV, computers or even exercise machines away from bedroom. It is also suggested to use several levels of lighting in your room as it would help the energy be adjusted according to your mood. You are also suggested to keep all doors, including that of the closets, closed.
You should also choose images for your bedroom wisely as it has a great effect on its inmates. Avoid images of clash and use more of pleasant images.
It is also good to place fresh flowers like that of roses in the bedroom.

6.For Happiness and Peace

For happiness and peace to spread in your home, few things already discussed, like that of abundance of light and air can help. Another thing you need to practice is keeping your home neat and tidy. Make it a practice to remove shoes before entering a house.

For Happiness and Peace

For Happiness and Peace

You can also place laughing Buddha statue to bring wealth and happiness.
Also try to get more sleep by creating a restful ambience in your bedroom. A headboard could be helpful. You can also opt to play natural sounds of gentle waves, streams, chirping birds, breeze through trees etc.

7.For Better Health

For the better health of a family, it is suggested that your dining table does not in any way lie facing the toilet. Negative energy and smell from the toilet can possess health and hygiene problems for the inmates.
Another suggestion contradicts the situation seen in most houses. Do not place kitchen and dining together.
Other things you need to take care is that the bathroom door does not face the bed , this could cause various health problems accordingly. For instance, a bathroom door facing head can cause headaches and migraine, that facing stomach could cause gastric troubles etc.
You can also place a lush green plant or wooden furniture pieces towards the east of your home.

8.For Better Wealth

Water is considered a symbol of abundance, not just in Feng shui but almost all cultures. Therefore feng shui suggests few practices to attract wealth. It suggests that water be placed in a bowl where the morning sun hits. Do not forget to refill every day.
It is also suggested that you fix leaking taps . a leaking tap could suggest leaking health and wealth from your home.
Another way to attract wealth is to place a few pounds or euros in a red napkin or scarf or anything and place it towards the west side of your house. You can also place a money plant near or around your workspace.

9.Stay Happy Within

For the good feng shui energy, chi, to be spread across your home, the inmates need to keep a peaceful mind when at home. You need to keep your tensions away from home.
Feng shui suggests that mirror placed at the front porch of a house can resist any negative energy entering the face.