Important Things you Should Learn about Sex

Learn about Sex:

Generally, many people have doubts on sex related issues. However, there are many answers to the questions which are in our mind. But, you don’t know if the answers are true or not. We must be aware of certain things to have a fruitful sex life.
Let’s see a few such issues to clear your confusions and you can learn about sex!

Can Women get Pregnant for the First Time they have Sex?

Yes, it is possible that a girl or women can get pregnant for the first time when they participate in sex. If she participates in sex without taking safety measures, then she can definitely get pregnant. If a male doesn’t use condom, then there is a high risk of women getting pregnant. Couples to avoid pregnancy must use condom and if they haven’t used it, then the women partner can have contraceptive pills within 72 hours of pregnancy.

Can one avoid sex by having it in alternate positions?

One can get pregnant by having sex in any position or angle. There is no such safe position to avoid pregnancy. If you don’t use contraception or condom, there is every chance that you may get pregnant. So don’t think that having sex in a specific position will curb pregnancy.

Important things you should Learn about Sex

Important things you should Learn about Sex

Does Oral Sex Leads to Pregnancy?

You may have heard that oral sex leads to pregnancy, but in realty oral sex doesn’t make women pregnant. No way, an individual can get pregnant by having oral sex. But, oral sex may transmit sexual infections like gonorrhea, Chlamydia, herpes, etc.

Does oral sex leads to pregnancy

Does oral sex leads to pregnancy

Is There any Alternative to Condom?

Many people believe that there are other alternatives to condom like a piece of cloth, plastic materials, etc. But nothing works, except condom. So make sure you use only condoms. Now-a-days, condoms are available free of cost. They can be availed from government contraceptive clinics. If we speak of sexually transmitted diseases, only condoms are safe. There is no such alternative to avoid sexual diseases apart from condom.

Is there any alternative to condom

Is there any alternative to condom

Can a Condom be Reused?

Many might be confused on the issue that a condom can be reused or not. You might have come across a few people who say that the condom can be washed and reused again. A condom cannot be reused at any cost and should be used only once. Go for a fresh condom when you have sex for another time. Throw away the used condom. Don’t forget to change condom after 30 minutes of having sex because the friction can make the condom weak and it may tear. So have a set of condoms before having sex.

Does Drinking Alcohol give Awesome Pleasure?

This is not at all good, i.e., drinking and having sex is not that good because under the influence of alcohol one may cause harm to the partner unknowingly. Drinking will not make one actively participate in sex. In fact, alcohol calms the nerves and may cause erection problems.

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