What Is Meant By Vaginal pH Balance: Home Remedies To Maintain Vaginal pH Balance

The pH balance below 7 is acidic while above 7 is considered basic. Normal pH balance of vagina is 4.1. The acidic environment of vagina do not allow the bacteria or yeast to thrive and thus prevents vaginal infections. Let us learn more about vaginal pH balance and how to maintain vaginal pH balance. What Is Meant By Vaginal pH Balance

What Is The Normal Vaginal pH level?

The normal vaginal pH level of a healthy vagina is between 3.8 to 4.5. If within this range, the pH level keeps fungal and bacterial infections at bay.

The pH level of vagina is acidic because of lactobacillus bacteria that lives in the vagina and secrete hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid. The pH balance of female changes throughout her life. Before the female have her first menstrual period and after menopause the vaginal pH is usually higher than 4.5. During her reproductive age, the vaginal pH of the female is usually less than 4.5. However if a female of reproductive age is suffering from yeast or bacterial infection the vaginal pH increases. There are testing kits available online or in some pharmacy stores to measure pH balance of the vagina. The home testing can reveal elevated pH level and may indicate the presence of bacterial or yeast infection. What Is The Normal Vaginal pH level?

What Causes The Vaginal pH To Change?

There are several infections and conditions that affect the vaginal pH balance and increases the vaginal pH. The causes are bacterial vaginosis, douching, presence of menstrual blood or semen, urinary tract infections and taking antibiotics. In addition, other conditions such as premature birth and infertility is also linked with high vaginal pH.During menopause, reduced level of oestrogen hormone in female affects the vaginal pH. The average vaginal pH in a female during menopause is 5.3 and is slightly basic.

What Are The Natural Remedies To Restore The Normal pH Balance Of The Vagina?

If the vaginal pH balance in a female is routinely high, she needs to take several steps that will help to restore the vaginal balance. These steps include:

1. Avoid Douching And Harsh Soaps

Soaps have high pH. Washing the vagina with soap increases the vaginal pH.Better use warm water and gentle cleanser to clean the intimate parts from outside. Avoid using any product inside the vagina. The natural vaginal secretion cleans the vagina. There is no need of douching as douching removes the natural vaginal secretions.

2. Probiotics

Probiotics restore body’s natural bacteria level.Include probiotics such as curd, kombucha, miso and yoghurt in your everyday diet.

3. Avoid Vaginal Deodorants And Perfume

Your vagina do not need perfumes or deodorants. Using vaginal deodorant or perfume disrupts the pH balance of vagina.

4. Changing The Tampon At Regular Intervals

If you are using tampons make sure to not leave the tampons for too long or it increases the vaginal pH as pH of the blood is little basic. In addition, changing tampons every four to six hours prevent the risk of toxic shock syndrome. Even if you use sanitary pads make sure to change it in every 6 hours.

5. Using Barrier Protection While Having Sex

The use of dental dams or condom while having sex not only prevents unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases but also prevents the semen from affecting the normal pH level of vagina.

6. Supplements –To balance vaginal pH levels you can also consider taking boric acid suppositories and garlic supplements after consulting your physician.

7. Destressing Activities –

Stress affect the pH level of vagina. Physical activities increases the production of good hormone that help to manage stress. Practice yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises, listening to music or following your hobbies to keep yourself stress free. To reduce vaginal infections and further complications it is very important to keep the vaginal pH level balanced. Follow the step discussed in this article to restore the normal pH balance of vagina and to keep vagina healthy. Destressing Activities

Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta
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