What is Loss of Libido in Women:Causes,Treatment,Home Remedies

What is Loss of Libido in Women

Loss of libido or loss of sexual drive in women also known as hypoactive desire disorder is a common sexual dysfunction in women. It affects women of almost all ages, but it is more common in women after menopause, childbirth or a surgery.

Lack of libido may result in relationship problems, stress, lack of confidence and self-intimacy. It is very important to determine the possible cause and increase libido.

What is loss of libido in women

`What is loss of libido in women

What are the Common Causes of Loss of Libido in a Woman are as Follows:

1. Relationship problems– lack of emotional support in a relationship plays an important role in the loss of libido. Also, partner’s performance problems and lack of foreplay may be an issue. Also, after birth and becoming a mother, her attention diverts toward a child and this may act as a factor responsible for the lack of libido.
2. Unhealthy lifestyle- an unhealthy lifestyle may result in increased weight that may affect self-image and indirectly may Affect sexual desire.
3. Stress- Job, family pressure, and exhaustion may influence sexual desire in a woman.
4. Menopause- Drop in the Testosterone hormone that affects sexual drive after menopause may result in loss of libido.
5. Age – with the advancing age level of androgens decrease resulting in the lack of sexual desire.
6. Underlying physical medical conditions- There are conditions such as Endometriosis, Fibroids, and thyroid disorders that may have a negative impact on sexual drive both mentally and physically.
7. Dryness of the vagina and pain during the sexual intercourse may affect sexual drive both mentally and physically.
8. Medications– certain medicines such as antidepressants, oral contraceptives, and medicines to lower blood pressure may negatively impact the sexual drive in women.
9. The psychological factors- depression, frustration, stress, may be an important cause of loss of libido.
10. Childbirth- after childbirth new mom suffers from a lack of sleep, insufficient lubrication of the vagina, and exhaustion that may affect her sexual desire.

How can you Manage Loss of Libido in a Woman:

Manage Loss of Libido in a Woman

Manage Loss of Libido in a Woman

  1. First of all, meets consult your doctor for the treatment of any underlying diseases such as hypothyroidism, testosterone deficiency in menopause women, vaginal dryness etc.
  2. One of the reasons may be that women may be simply of different appetite than her partner and thus does not require any treatment. Counseling of both the partners is very important to make them aware of the importance of foreplay and gestures of love, care, and respect.
  3. A healthy lifestyle that includes reduction of stress, moderate exercise or meditation, avoid smoking and alcohol and take proper sleep.
  4. Hormonal therapy- estrogen therapy may be recommended by the doctor to increase libido.
  5. Speak to your partner about your likes and dislikes. Talk openly to your partner about sex and related desires.

What are the Home Remedies for Loss of Libido in a Woman:

1.Avocados- It is a natural aphrodisiac. It helps you to attain sexual energy. It is rich in folic acid, potassium and vitamin B6. Potassium increases the function of the thyroid gland. This plays an important role in enhancing female libido.

Avocados Remedy

Avocados Remedy

2. Eggs- They are rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin B5. They reduce stress and balances the level of hormones, thus increases sexual urge.
3. Asparagus- It promotes the production of sex hormones . Also being high in vitamin E it improves the sex life.
4. Licorice roots- They treat vaginal dryness by balancing the level of estrogen hormone in the body. It also helps to treat loss of libido in a woman caused due to vaginal dryness.
5. Figs- Figs are rich in amino acids. Consume figs daily to promote sexual libido.

Figs Remedy

Figs Remedy

6. Chocolate- They are known to increase power and sexual pleasure. Chocolate encourages the release of serotonin and phenylethylamine. Both hormones enhance the mood and increases sex desire.
7. Ashwagandha- It is a potential igniter of sexual desire. It increases the flow of the blood to the female sexual organs. This way it stimulates the libido along with increases satisfaction.
8. Maca root- Being higher in iodine Maca roots supports, balances the level of hormones. Also, it contains a high level of zinc that is an essential mineral required for the production of sex hormone. Thus, it improves the sexual experiences and treats the loss of libido in a woman.
9. Apple and honey- Consume apple along with honey daily. This has been found to work like a miracle to increase sex drive.

Apple and honey

Apple and honey

10. Almond with milk- Take both of them daily to increase sex drive and to treat impotency
Sex plays an important role in success of marital relationship.

Include these above mentions management tips to deal with the loss of libido in a woman. They are sure to help you and amaze you with their results.

Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta
Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta:  Professionally a homeopathic doctor and a dietician Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta is passionate about writing health and parenting blogs. She believes in holistic approach towards health and well being.

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