Periods Flu: Symptoms, Causes And Management

Periods Flu

Do you feel like you have flu during or before periods?

Periods although is normal in the females of reproductive age, it can leave a few females exhausted and achey. Some females also suffer from flu during or before menstrual bleeding. 95% of females of reproductive age suffers from premenstrual symptoms such as nausea, hot flashes, fatigue and aches. Some of the females also suffers from period flu. It cannot be diagnosed, but the symptom are real for female suffering from it. In this article, we will understand period flu, its causes and how to manage it. Periods Flu: Symptoms, Causes And Management

What Are The Symptoms Of Period?

The changes in the hormones during periods affects different female in different way. Some females also experience flu during or before the periods. The symptoms of period flu includes fever or chill, headache, fatigue, headache, muscle cramp, diarrhoea and constipation. The symptoms of period flu are similar to influenza but can be distinguished because of its cyclic nature. What Are The Symptoms Of Period?

The symptoms mostly occur between ovulation and the beginning of the periods.

What Causes Period Flu?

There is no evidence that why some females experience flu or other serious symptoms of PMS. However, research says that period flu can be triggered as a response due to the hormonal fluctuations. Increased inflammatory response during the periods may also be responsible. Prostaglandins are specific inflammatory hormones that may be responsible to enhance to like flu like symptoms in the female. This hormone is is usually released when the endometrial cell lining of the uterus sheds. The prostaglandins enters the bloodstream and cause nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, diarrhoea and fever. What Causes Period Flu

Unhealthy lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies on manage stress, lack of physical activity and poor sleep also affect the function of your hormones and leads to inflammation and period flu it. You may also experience period flu symptoms related to early signs of pregnancy. However unless your period is late there is no association between the two.

Symptoms of period mostly subsides when the periods starts or a few days into the periods. If you find this issue disruptive and affecting the quality of your life it is worth reaching your health care provider. Below are the some tips to find some relief if you suffer from periods flu.

Tips To Manage Period Flu

#1. Pop NSAIDS 

NSAIDS are prostaglandin synthetase inhibitor. They block the production of of prostaglandins. Taking NSAIDS early prevents you from feeling achy. You may consult your health care provider to know more about NSAIDS and which one to take.

#2. Move Round 

Exercise helps a lot to relieve menstrual cramps and other symptoms associated with PMS. Practice aerobic exercises to reduce water retention and excess fluid in the joints.

#3. Monitor Your Diet 

It is very important to eat nutritious foods rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. Avoid eating junk food that are rich in empty sugar. Limit caffeine intake and snacks high in sodium.

#4. Stress Management

Stress may be one of the reason for PMS and period flu. To keep depression and anxiety at bay try yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. Reduce Your Stress Level

#5. Stay Hydrated 

It is very important for you to stay hydrated. Make a habit of drinking 8 to 9 glasses of water before and during periods.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

#6. Have A Sound Sleep

A sound sleep is important to manage stress and to balance hormones. Make sure to sleep for 7-8 hours every night. Have A Sound Sleep

If the above intervention do not work and the symptoms of period flu persists making you feel horrible do talk to your Healthcare provider. One of the best thing that you can do is to track down the symptom you experience along your cycle. This will help you to collect enough data to discuss with your health care provider so that you can plan management.

Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta
Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta:  Professionally a homeopathic doctor and a dietician Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta is passionate about writing health and parenting blogs. She believes in holistic approach towards health and well being.