Wonderful Ways to Boost Your Children’s Immune System

Baby Care:
Infants may not resist illness for long time. They may not have much immunity power to fight off illness. Easily virus can attack them and make them to become ill. Unequivocally babies and toddlers get eight colds an average of year. They may pick up cough and cold constantly. Here, we provide easy and simple ways to boost your children immune system to resist diseases.

Boost Your Children’s Immune System

Boost Your Children’s Immune System

Avoid strangers

It is very important to avoid strangers to touch or cuddle your baby. Stay away your baby from people who are sick and ensure them to clean their hands before touching your baby. Most of the parents neglect this, but it is vital process to avoid virus infected illness to your baby when others are with washed hands.

Breast Feed

Most of the parents feed buffalo or cow milk to their baby even baby in days or months. In fact, this kind of activity is not at all recommended. Mother should feed her baby for at least a year. This would enhance the immunity system and resistance power in child. Otherwise, child may not afford weather circumstances which may change seasonally.

Breast Feed Boost Your Children’s Immune System

Breast Feed Boost Your Children’s Immune System

Maintain child’s micro biota

Probiotics are called bacteria and they are the friendly helpful which occur in our guts. They usually protect our digestive tracts and help to digest food. They also help in toxin clearance. If this bacterium has any changes in children, it may disrupt functioning and there may be chances of getting infections easily like virus and flues.

In order to protect your child from viral infections it is advised to have probiotic supplement to your baby. Probiotic supplement contains lactobacillus and bifid bacteria strains. Depending on your children age it is better to give 5 and 20 billion colony forming units (CFUs) per day.
(Note: This supplement should give to child on prior prescription of doctors only and this is just information)

Sheep Skin Bed

According to a recent survey, infants who sleep on animal fur for at least three months would have the power of increasing immunity system. They also have less percentage of getting asthma in future. Sheep skin has microbes which strongly develop immunity system.

Sheep Skin Bed

Sheep Skin Bed

Children who grow up with pets would have less chances of getting asthmas and allergies.

Nutritious Diet

Since childhood, the children who eat nutritious and hygiene food would develop strong immunity power and they won’t get affected by any viral and flu infections easily. The best supplements like vitamin D and Zinc also would boost your child’s immune system.

Stop Using Chemical Products

Do not use chemical products to your children. This may resist the immunity power. Products like body lotions and sunscreen lotions may not give proper results and they may cause illness to your child. Instead, use natural products which may also increase immunity power and good for health.

Especially, for babies who are in a year should be treated well and they adopt the things whichever are done to them in one year. So, one year period is the crucial period to them which may decide their future.

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