Tips on How to Take Care of the Newborn Baby

Taking care of a newborn is not easy. For first time parents, it is a new experience. Here in this article, we have tips on how to feed and soothe newborn.

How to Take Care of the Newborn Baby

How to Take Care of the Newborn Baby

Tips to Care for a Newborn Baby


Breast milk is best for a newborn. If you are holding your baby for the first time to feed then turn baby towards you and hold her chest towards yours. Now let her upper lip touch your nipple. When she opens her mouth wide, pull her to your breast. Along with your nipple, her mouth should cover much of your areola.



If your baby is wetting 7-8 diapers in a day, your baby is getting enough breast milk. In the beginning feeding, a newborn may be tough. It sometimes take even more than 30 minutes so have patience. In 24 hours nurse about 8-12 times. No need to adhere to a strict schedule.

Nurse when your baby is hungry. Signs of hunger displayed by newborn are crying, increased mouthing and looking for a nipple.

A breastfeeding mother should eat a well-balanced diet rich in protein and calcium. Drink lots of water, limit caffeine intake and eliminate alcohol.

If a new mother cannot breastfeed, consult a pediatrician to know formula feeding that is best for your baby. If you are formula feeding your baby use sterilized bottles. When you prepare the formula, follow the direction on the label.

Do not store the prepared formula in the freeze for more than 24 hours. If the formula is kept out of the refrigerator for more than 1 hour discard it. While feeding baby holds her at 45-degree angle. Cradle baby in semi-upright position and offer head support.

Breastfeed, or formula fed, make sure to burp the baby after feeding.

Help you’re newborn to get plenty of rest-

To grow, become strong and healthy your newborn need to rest for up to 16 hours. In beginning child may be able to sleep for 6-7 hours at a time. Newborn wakes up in 2-3 hours. If a child hasn’t fed for more 4 hours wake her up and feed her.

Help you're newborn to get plenty of rest

Help you’re newborn to get plenty of rest

Newborn may be confused with nights and days. If your child is alert during night keep lights dim, talk low and maintain patience. To lower the risk of SIDS, place your baby on his back. Make sure to alternate the baby’s head position.


Diapers should be clean. If you are using cloth diapers, you also need fasteners. Immediately remove diaper when spoiled. Wipe baby’s genital with water using a cotton cloth. If it’s a girl wipe from front to back to prevent urinary tract infection.



If there is rash, apply ointment. Leave your baby undiapered for a few hours before making her wear a diaper again. Open new diaper. Lift your baby’s legs gently and slide the diaper under the baby. Bring adhesive strips around and fasten it. Even if the diaper is not spoiled change it when it is filled or after every 4 hours.

Bathing newborn-

Give sponge bath to your newborn for the first week. Once umbilical cord falls bath baby 2-3 times in a week. Fill the baby tub up to 3 inches with lukewarm water. Better if you get help. Undress baby carefully. Slip baby feet into the tub first, and then rest of the body keeping head elevated.

Bathing newborn

Bathing newborn

Use one of your hand to support the baby neck and head. Use mild soap. Gently wash baby from top to bottom with another hand or clean washcloth. Clean baby’s genitals, hairs and scalp to remove dried mucus. Lift baby out of tub supporting neck and head. Wrap baby in a hooded towel and pat her dry and then dress her.

Holding your baby-

Before holding your baby wash your hands with soap and water. You may also use a sanitize. While holding baby always supports the baby head and neck with one of your hand.

 Holding your baby

Holding your baby

Let your baby’s head rests inside your inner elbow and rest of her body resting on your forearm and her upper leg and outer hip resting on rest of your hand. Never let baby head flop around. Do not shake a baby. Never wake up baby by shaking. Swaddle baby to make her feel secure.

Baby’s are precious. Take care of them and also take care of the new mother.

Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta
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