Teach Your Children to Combat Anxiety and Fear


It is quiet important to stay mentally fit. Everyone should cop up stress and depression. When it comes to children it is mandatory to them to have balance in anxiety and fear. Fear and anxiety in children may cause various problems. In order to contest with anxiety and fear we provide some tips to the parents, which are to be taught to the children to strive with anxiety, stress, depression and fear.

When children grow day by day they tend to know everything which is going on around them and around the world. They also develop various skills and personalities and also fears. Certain situations also would insist them to develop fear unconsciously.

Anxiety is known as “fear without evident cause. Anxiety may occur when then is no immediate threat but threat seems real.

Fear and anxiety

Fear and anxiety

Fear of A New Born

When children grow up to the age of 18 months they would have a fear of strangers and loud noises. If they come across these, they automatically get fear and cry. And even when they are left with their beloved like mother and father they may get anxiety and fear. When they try to crawl, apparently their anxiety levels would increase because they move away from their mother.

Anxiety and Fear Are Normal

When children get anxiety their body begins to perspire. Most of the children get anxiety and fear when they see strangers around them. Certain kind of fear and anxiety in children may be useful for children in positive way.

If the children get anxiety, parents would stay alert and focus on children to combat their anxiety and fear. So, sometimes this would give positive results.

Anxiety and Fear Are Normal

Anxiety and Fear Are Normal

Though they are normal, fear and anxiety in children may produce various problems which are even not recognized by children.

Fear of Monsters

Children aged 4 to 6 would have fear of monsters and ghosts. They have anxiety and fear which are not based on reality.

Kids aged 7 to 12 would get anxiety and fear for the real circumstances which would happen to them really. When they get injured they may have critical fear and anxiety that they may not get well and they also get fear for natural disasters or calamities.

Anxiety Signs

  • Nervous moments, sudden snatches of child
  • Problems of getting sleep or sleeping longer than usual
  • Become impellent, clingy, impulsive or distracted
  • Sweaty hands
  • Quickened heart rate and breathing
  • Stomachaches
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

These all are the anxiety and apprehension signs in children. In order to combat all of them in your child, parents should be very cautious on these anxieties. If these anxieties and fears continue your child may get disturbed and may get mental illness problems in future while they grow.

Although anxiety and fear common in child it may become a serious problem in them if it may not be strived.

Parents should give them confidence and comfort when they are in apprehension. Always any one person should be there with child and child should not be left alone. If they are left alone they may get various loud noises and unnecessary disturbances.

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