How To Raise A Child To Be His Best

A child’s mind is like wet clay, it shapes up like you shape it and holds the shape, once dried. This is why the way he or she is brought up matters. A child is affected by most things happening around it. Children grasp, learn and imitate what people around them do. It is for their own good that they need to be raised well.

Raise A Child To Be His Best

Raise A Child To Be His Best

You might be using your own parenting methods to raise your child but are you confident about it being perfect? Your parenting technique should ensure that the child is raised happy, well behaved and psychologically fit.

It shouldn’t grow them into broken individuals as it won’t be easy to bring them back to normal as it would be to raise them as strong personalities.

If you have recently become a parent or have trouble understanding your child’s behaviour, the following tips on parenthood will give you a more clarified idea about raising your child.

1.Love your Child Unconditionally

Give them all the love irrespective of their behaviour. Do things for them like making meals, taking them to bed and telling bed time stories, cleaning their room etc. Give them enough time even you are busy.

A child turns to intentionally irritate you when they miss your physical affection. Let them know you love them. Express it through words or through gestures of hug, kiss, touch or even gifts.

2.Be Patient

Be patient with your child. Know that he is naive and is going to make mistakes. Do not scream or talk to them rudely in such situation. If they do anything wrong, tell them politely that it is wrongful and why they shouldn’t do it.

3.Carefully Discipline Them

Make your children aware of their duties and responsibilities. Over reacting to their mistakes may make them lie to you the next time they are in trouble. Choose your words wisely when you speak to them.

Advise them only when needed, do not make a mountain out of a molehill, they may not feel comfortable to turn to you next time.

4.Be their Role Model

As said earlier, your child learns from what they see around. Exhibit , in your behaviour, what is right. Apologise if you make a mistake. Appreciate them for their behaviour and deeds.

Praise them so that they don’t feel that your attention only on misbehaviour . This will instil in them a sense of right and wrong. See to it that the child does not have to witness any violence or rude behaviour around them.

5.Be their Best Friend

The world has so many kinds of people to offer to your child and everyone of them will be good. To save them from all of it , you need to be a better friend than the others they can find.

Before they feel attracted towards the evil individuals , you need to let them find a best friend in you. Talk and play with your children , make it comfortable for them to share things with you. Make yourself trustworthy and reliable to your child.

6.Let them be Free and Independent

Be careful that you don’t force your decisions on your child. Give them freedom to make choices. This feeling of responsibility is good for a child as it will make him a stronger and independent individual.

Let them be Free and Independent

Let them be Free and Independent

Allow them a little space and also the freedom to try and conquer skills on their own. If you move every obstacle for them they might grow up to be a coward.

7.Nurture in them Self-esteem

Do not let down your child by comparing them with other children. This might implant jealousy in their minds. Praise them for their positives and help them with their negatives. Do not scold them before cousins, friends or other guests. This might make them loose their self-esteem. Support them so that they have good self-esteem.

8.Understand your Child

Every child is not the same. Each one has their own perfections and faults. Understand them, their feelings and be there for them in their hard times. Give them enough time to deal with a situation or to accomplish a task.

9.Make Home Comfortable for them

Create a positive, loving , caring and warm atmosphere at home for your children so that their minds will not have to struggle through their childhood. Broken homes often rear broken individuals. Therefore, the parents needs to take care that they do not let anything negative affect their children adversely.

Make Home Comfortable for them

Make Home Comfortable for them

It is a critical job to raise a child as you are shaping up an individual’s life. Often, what happens is that bad parenting raises broken individuals and the parents blame it all on the child. It needs to be understood that parents need to create appropriate atmosphere at home so that a child grows to a happy, well-adjusted individual.

Even if you have more than one child, ensure that you let no wave of partially strike them. Treat every child as special. They will definitely reciprocate the love and care they receive from you.