How To Take Care Of Skin Around The Bikini Area

Take Care Of Skin Around The Bikini Area

The skin surrounding the bikini area is sensitive and should be handled with care. You need to follow a specific skin care regimen for your private areas.

Many products in the market are geared towards keeping the skin around the vaginal area healthy and smooth. However, we prefer home remedies more than the chemical products available in the market. How To Take Care Of Skin Around The Bikini Area

Let me explain you the basic routine you need to follow to take care of the skin around the private area. Your basic routine should include cleaning, exfoliate and de-fuzzing.

Basic Routine To Take Care Of Bikini Line

Tips To Take Care Of Skin Around Bikini Line

#1. Cleaning 

To clean the skin around the bikini area you should always use lukewarm water. Avoid harsh soaps and other chemical loaded products to maintain the pH level of the vagina. Even avoid harsh moisturizers, fabric softener. Use products that are formulated to support the vaginal natural pH ranging from 3.8 to. Avoid irritants such as parabens, synthetic fragrance and products that contain essential oil such as tea tree oil as it can burn the sensitive skin.

#2. Exfoliate

To get rid of the dead skin around the bikini area it is important to exfoliate. This also helps you to reduce hyperpigmentation and bumps caused due to shaving. It is advised to exfoliate the skin around the bikini area pre and post hair removal. Scrubbing is must and should be a normal part of your shower routine. Use the gentle exfoliate every other day else try dry brushing before the daily shower. Exfoliate skin in small circular movement to lift hair and prevent ingrown hair. A day or two post hair removal continue with your regular exfoliation routine.

#3. Moisturize And Tone The Bikini Area 

The intimate area skin is very sensitive. You should apply non-alcohol based astringent or herbal astringent post waxing to prevent ingrown. In addition, moisturize and tone the skin to keep the skin hydrated.

Apply Moisturizer

Apply Moisturizer

#4. Never Shave On The Dry Skin

Before you shave the pubic area clean, exfoliate and clean it with a pH balancing intimate wash. Always use a clean and fresh razor and a gentle shaving cream to prevent razor burn. Once you are done make sure to tone and hydrate the area.

#5. De-Fuzzing 

Ingrown hair and hyperpigmentation are two big bikini line banes result of hair removal. The skin around the bikini area is so sensitive that it reacts to waxing or shaving. It is advised to use two-blade razor to minimise skin irritation. If you wax use benzoyl peroxide wash before waxing to decrease the inflammation and bacterial infection. However, if ingrown hair is a major problem in your case do remember waxing is the worst option that removes the hair from the follicles and when it grows back it leads to ingrown hairs. You may opt for hair removal at your doctor office.

Tips To Take Care Of Skin Around Bikini Line

What To Do?

  • Wear loose fitted and cotton underwear made up of natural fibres. Cotton clothes allow the skin around the private part to remain cool.
  • Use warm water and mild soap for cleaning the intimate area.
  • Avoid perfumed coloured and least sanitary products.
  • Rinse your under cloth thoroughly to remove laundry detergent after washing.
  • Change your underwear everyday
  • Wash your undergarments in non-biological washing powder. Avoid adding fabric softener.
  • Clean your private areas everyday.

What Not To Do ?

  • Avoid pant liners and sanitary pads. Use tampons and menstrual cup.
  • Avoid long hot showers as it makes your skin dry and itchy.
  • Avoid nylon, wool and leather under clothes.
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing your intimate area.
  • Do not douche your intimate parts
  • Avoid shower more than 2 times in a day.

Simple Home Remedies To Take Care of The Skin Around The Intimate Area

#1. Cold Pack

If you suffer from burning and itch in intimate area try cold packs. Use ice pack wrapped in soft towel for this purpose. Cold Pack -Tips To Take Care Of Skin Around Bikini Line

#2. Salt Water Bath

Add a teaspoon of salt in a shallow water bath and soak yourself in it for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this two times in a day for three consecutive days.

#3. Yoghurt And Turmeric Paste

To lighten the hyperpigmentation and heal skin irritation, use turmeric and yogurt paste. Turmeric is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. To 2 teaspoon turmeric add a teaspoon yoghurt. Mix well and apply the paste over your pubic area. After 20 minutes rinse off with cool water. Do this daily for the desired result.



Your Vagina is an important part of your body. Keep it clean and healthy. Your intimate areas is very sensitive. Being careless puts you at the risk of urinary tract infection, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection. The chances of infection is more in summer. Infection of vagina makes it red and irritated. If you suffer from recurrent vaginal infection, see your doctor as soon as possible.

Yogurt Besan Turmeric Paste

Yogurt Besan Turmeric Paste

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