How To Avoid Vaginal Boils: Self-Treatment, When To See A Doctor

How To Avoid Vaginal Boils

There are many self-help options to avoid vaginal boils, and most of the vaginal boils usually heal hardly three to four days, but sometimes the infection powerful, or persistent, then you need to visit to a doctor’s clinic. How To Avoid Vaginal Boils: Self-Treatment, When To See A Doctor

Vaginal Boils

Boils are a bacterial infection caused by friction or scratching that provokes hair follicles. They usually show painful abscesses and red lumps that filled with pus. The following symptoms should you be aware of, that involved in the growth of boils in the vaginal area- Vaginal Boils

  • A small area of ​​skin becomes inflamed and sensitive
  • Redness painful lump appears and warmth to touch,
  • The particular area stuffed with pus and looks round with a yellow-white tip.
  • The swelling around the boils and very painful when you touch it.Causes Of Boils/Pimples In The Vaginal Area

How To Avoid Vaginal Boils?

Prevention is the best way to avoid any disease and keep any part of body healthy.  how to avoid vaginal boils Tips & Remedies

Use Gentle Products: 

Always clean your vulvar area with fragrance-free mild soap or cleansers which specially made for a vaginal wash that helps to avoid disrupting the natural pH levels of your vulva.

Avoid Irritation:

Try wearing natural cotton undergarments, shaving the skin as less as possible, for safe public hair removal, you can consider laser hair removal instead of waxing or shaving. 

Drink Enough Water:

Drinking 6 to 10 glasses of water daily removes all the toxins from our body and the risk of disease reduced. In the same way, drinking enough water will keep your skin healthy, and there is no possibility of bumps or boils.

Drink Lots of Water

Drink Lots of Water

Add Probiotics To Your Diet: 

Add fermented foods to your daily diet with lactobacillus food like yoghurt, kefir or probiotic supplements that helps to improve your vaginal health and prevent bacterial infection.

Self Treatment For Vaginal Boil

  • Do not attempt to squeeze the boils.
  • Use vaginal wash and mildly antiseptic soap to clean the skin around the boils. 
  • Apply warm compress three times daily for 10 to 20 minutes that encourage drain the pus fast and relief from pain.
  • Apply a sterilized bandage over the area until the boil thoroughly healed.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Always use clean, soft cotton cloths to wash and dry the infected areas. Cold Compress The Natural Treatment For Vaginal Boil

Following self-care instruction will help to reduce the pain, risk of spreading the infection and help to heal the boils fast. If the boil is not healing after a few days, see your doctor.

When To See A Doctor?

  • If you have more pain, the skin is becoming ruddiness and the boil getting worse than visit the doctor immediately.
  • If the hot compress does not drain the pus or does not heal with home treatment.
  • You start to have muscle aches, headache and fever.
  • The boil becomes very large or painful and lasts longer than a week.

The vagina is the most sensitive part of our body if you are infected with boil and do not have improvement from self-treatment, then you should not be late to visit the doctor.

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