Get Rid of Ingrown Hair on Vagina to Prevent Vaginal Boil

The most common cause of ingrown hair on the labia vag or vagina is waxing or shaving in a wrong way. Ingrown hair when gets infected results in boil or herpes or genital warts.

To prevent vaginal boil try to get rid of ingrown hair as soon as possible. Let’s learn in detail about the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of ingrown hair on the vagina.

Vaginal Boil: Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies

Vaginal Boil

What an Ingrown Hair looks like

Shaving pubic area causes lots of symptoms in both male and female such as dark spots and irritation. In females, it may also cause razor burn.

The ingrown hair on labia may be confused by genital herpes or warts. It looks like raised red pimples. Embedded ingrown hair appears as a swollen bump with a dark spot present in the centre. This dark spot is actually hair that is curved and is grown downward or sideways. The follicle while trying to push itself out causes skin irritation. When this bump gets infected it becomes yellow or white. Below are the signs that will help you to distinguish an ingrown hair with herpes or vaginal pimples.

What are the Symptoms of Ingrown Hair on Vagina

The common symptoms associated with ingrown hair are discussed here.As the infections kick the ingrown hair on the vagina takes a form of vaginal boil or cyst or sore. Vaginal boil and cyst are filled with white or yellow or green pus. There is an irritation. There may be an irresistible desire to pop these red and tender bumps. Refrain yourself from doing so or they will bleed and irritation is enhanced. This increases the chances of infection.

What are the Causes of Ingrown Hair on Vagina

In female hair develop on the pubic area when they reach puberty. To remove the hairs women either shave or wax or use hair removing the cream. If hairs are removed in wrong way it results in ingrown hair.

The hairs on the pubic area are curly and some times hair curls itself back. Tight clothing may also cause the ingrown hair on vag and vaginal boil. Due to the tight clothing, there is less ventilation. Also, there is an obstruction for the hair to grow out. During pregnancy and before and after the periods there is stress and hormonal changes in the female body resulting in excessive secretion of sebum. The pores are clogged and hair grows back or sideways.

How can you Get Rid of Ingrown Hair on Vagina

You should get rid of ingrown hair as soon as possible to prevent vaginal boil. To treat ingrown hair your doctor will prescribe you antibacterial ointment or steroid creams. If ingrown hair is not severe try exfoliation.

How can you Get Rid of Ingrown Hair on Vagina

How can you Get Rid of Ingrown Hair on Vagina

This will eliminate dead skin cells, remove dirt and debris and also open the pores. But remember exfoliation should be gentle to prevent injury or bruise. Standing in a warm shower or warm compress also open the pores. Always use a mild intimate wash to clean private areas. Avoid wearing tight under clothing. Avoid popping ingrown hair.

By getting rid or preventing ingrown hair on vagina you also prevent development of vaginal boil.

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