Get Over From Private Part Boils With Home Remedies

The boil is characterized by being a reddish lump, which has a yellow tip and you can see the presence of pus inside. Generally, the boil heals on its own in about 2 weeks. Get over from Private Part Boils with Home Remedies

However, if after this period the pus does not disappear, the boil tends to become even more inflamed, becoming redder and with more pus. If the individual is in severe pain. Here is few home remedies for the private part boils which is useful for you.

Home Remedies For The Private Part Boils 

#1. Lemon Compresses Remedy For The Private Part Boils 

To make the lemon compresses, it is enough to wrap a sterile gauze with a thick slice of lemon that has enough juice, and then it should be left to rest on the boil for 10 minutes. Lemon Compresses Remedy  For The Private Part Boils 

Then that lemon wheel should be discarded and the process repeated with another lemon and a new gauze, at least 2 more times, or until the boil opens and begins to release pus.

#2. Lemon Juice Remedy For The Private Part Boils

Lemon can also be consumed, because it is rich in vitamin C and helps to strengthen the immune system, in addition to being antiseptic, being not only a good natural remedy to treat boils, but also furunculosis, which is when boils frequently appear and several at the same time.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

To make lemon juice, you must squeeze the juice of 2 lemons and add it to 1 glass of water, mix well and drink the juice 3 times a day. It is also possible to prepare lemon tree leaf tea as follows: 


  • 10 g of lemon tree leaves;
  • 1 lemon;
  • 1 liter of water.
  • Preparation mode

Place the leaves, the water and the lemon juice in a pot, let it boil for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and let it steep for 10 minutes, strain and drink 4 cups of tea a day.

#3. Melaleuca Oil Remedy For The Private Part Boils

The essential oil of melaleuca or also known as or tea tree, is excellent to treat the boil, because it has antiseptic, antibacterial and healing properties. The oil should be applied with the help of a swab on the boil 1 time a day. Melaleuca Oil Remedy  For The Private Part Boils

#4. Onion Compress Remedy For The Private Part Boils

The onion compress is a good natural remedy for a boil, as it is capable of eliminating the bacteria that causes it and reducing inflammation.



To make the compress, just wrap a thick slice of raw onion with gauze and apply it on the boil, it should be kept for 2 hours and it should be applied 2 times a day.

#5. Pumpkin Compress Remedy For The Private Part Boils

Pumpkin has excellent emollient and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat the region and relieve symptoms, especially pain and redness. This pumpkin poultice helps expel the core of the boil, speeding up recovery. Pumpkin compress Remedy  For The Private Part Boils


  • 50 g of pumpkin;
  • Sterilized gauze.
  • Preparation mode

Remove the skin from the pumpkin and cook the pulp. Then, still warm, place the pulp on sterile gauze and apply it to the boil for 20 minutes, 2 times a day.

#6. Yam Compresses Remedy For The Private Part Boils

Yam poultices are excellent to treat this problem, as this tuber has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and pain caused by the boil, improving well-being. 


  • 1 portion of yams.
  • Sterilized gauze.
  • Preparation mode

Grate the necessary amount of yam to cover the boil. Then place the zest on sterile gauze and cover the boil. Leave on for 1 hour and then remove by washing the region with warm water. Repeat the procedure 4 times a day.  Yam Compresses Remedy For The Private Part Boils

A good suggestion is also to include cooked yam, seasoned with olive oil and salt, in your diet.

In addition to all these home remedies, to help the body react better to the furuncle infection, it is advisable to have a natural diet, consisting of raw foods and fresh fruits and to suspend the consumption of foods rich in fat such as: fried foods, yellow cheeses or red meat.

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