Common Symptoms Of Herpes Vagina and Its Management

Symptoms Of Herpes Vagina and Its Management

Herpes vagina or vaginal bumps are common symptoms in a woman. They usually show painful abscesses and red lumps that filled with pus. If, you find yourself symptoms of Vagina sores, no need to fear Herpes. There are several ways that herpes can be managed quite effectively. Common Symptoms Of Herpes Vagina and Its Management

 Genital Herpes

Herpes is a kind of virus, known as STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), which commonly get from a sexually active person. Genital herpes, Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) caused by two kinds of  vvirus-Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and Herpes Simplex Virus 2.  Genital Herpes

Herpes Vagina Causes

Herpes usually spreads during oral sex. If you or your partner has already problems with this disease. If your partner is a carrier of oral herpes and has oral sex on you, it can promote you infected with herpes. Anal sex and masturbation may also lead to contracting the herpes virus in the vagina. Herpes Vagina Causes

A Common Symptom Of Herpes Vagina

You are more likely to have herpes by having the type of sex, vaginal, oral, or anal with someone infected. When you suffer from during  the Vaginal herpes, you have not a single symptom, there may be many minimal discomforts during the outbreak. The commons symptoms you may feel like painful sores and blisters, swelling in the vaginal area, unusual vaginal discharge etc. A Common Symptom Of Herpes Vagina

Sometimes symptoms of herpes may confuse with other things like bumps, ingrown hairs, or vaginal itching. When you may have contracted with this virus, you may also have headaches, fever, tingling, itching in the vagina or vaginal area and buttocks area. Even some people don’t have any symptoms can spread the disease.

How Do Women Can Deal With Genital Herpes?

  • Vaginal herpes does not completely hinder you from living life. It is easy to deal with symptoms of vaginal herpes.
  • First of all, staying aware of your sexual activities for some time. The virus can be managed effectively by self-care and antiviral.
  • Herpes Vagina can be controlled with natural treatments, using topical creams gives more soothes in herpes outbreaks without any side effects.
  • The numerous medicine available in pharmacists, such as antiviral and anti-herpes pills can help you feel better and shorten an outbreak.
  • There are some other ways to reduce the problem of vagina herpes. Keeping the infected area clean and dry, wearing cotton loose clothes cures herpes fast and protects it from further contamination.
  • Genital herpes has not a permanent solution. Some safety measures and precaution may control this the disease.
  • Ayurveda medication is also effective for genital herpes. Some Ayurvedic medicines such as Felanthus Niruri, Kachnar Guggul, and Curcumin capsules commonly used for herpes treatment. Ayurvedic medicines do not have any side effects.
  • The homoeopathy treatment can be an alternative treatment for curing vagina herpes. Petroleum Hepar Sulf Some of the effective homoeopathic medicines.

 There is no lasting therapy for genital herpes, and hence the result of treatment does not apply. But with available treatment and by taking precaution and control, it is possible to have a pleasant life. 

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