Chemical Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment

Have you ever heard the term chemical pregnancy?

What Is Chemical Pregnancy?

Chemical pregnancy is early miscarriage that happens when the egg is fertilized but is not implanted in the uterus completely.

Chemical pregnancies is also known as biochemical pregnancy and is very common condition. It is pregnancy that is lost before fifth week.

Research has found that in one of the four pregnancies is lost even before the female has as symptoms of pregnancy or misses her periods.Chemical Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment

Chemical pregnancy gives a positive blood test or urine test due to the presence of hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin. However,in most of the cases females with chemical pregnancy do not even realise that they are pregnant and may not take pregnancy test as the loss is very early. They simply feel that her period is late and a bit heavier than usual.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms Of Chemical Pregnancy?

Chemical pregnancy happens just after the conception before 5th week. This is why most of the female experiencing chemical pregnancy are even not aware of the fact that they are pregnant. In a few cases where the female knows that she is pregnant or suspect chemical pregnancy experiences symptoms such as a late period, heavy periods, clotting and menstrual cramps. What Causes Chemical Pregnancy

To confirm chemical pregnancy a blood test and urine test is done to check the level of hCG hormone in the body.

What Causes Chemical Pregnancy?

In most of the cases of miscarriages the foetus is not able to develop normally due to chromosomal issues. In case of pregnancy where frozen embryos are used the chemical pregnancy happen due to the damage to the embryo during freezing process. About 25% of in vitro fertilization and up in chemical pregnancy. 

Factors That May Cause Chemical Pregnancy

Other factors that may lead to chemical pregnancy include low level of hormones, insufficient uterine lining, infection, pregnancy with IUD in place and issues in the sperm. 

Factors That Increases the Risk of Chemical Pregnancy

Factors that increases the risk of chemical pregnancy includes female being 35 years or older, untreated thyroid condition, untreated clotting disorder and poorly controlled chronic diabetes. Factors That Increases the Risk of Chemical Pregnancy

Diagnosis of Chemical Pregnancy

As we have discussed earlier that to diagnose chemical pregnancy urine test and blood test is done to determine the level of hCG hormone in the blood. Some females who take home pregnancy test may get a positive result but later on have late periods. Even in most of the cases the female is unaware of the fact that she is pregnant and simply consider that their period is late.

What Is the Prognosis of Chemical Pregnancy?

In most of the cases once of the menstrual cycle normalises after chemical pregnancy the female can try to get pregnant again with mutual understanding with her partner.

In case the female is suffering from any medical condition that contributes to chemical pregnancy, proper treatment is required to improve the chances of conceiving and sustaining pregnancy in future.

What Is The Treatment Of Chemical Pregnancy?

Chemical pregnancy is a very early pregnancy loss. This is why generally do not require any treatment. However, if the female has any symptom it is better to consult a health care professional for the same. In case any underlying medical condition has contributed to chemical pregnancy, it will be treated properly so as to improve the chances of conceiving and sustain pregnancy in future. 

If you do not feel like seeing your doctor and is not suffering from any medical condition, you may wait for your menstrual cycle to normalise and then try to get pregnant whenever you are ready.

What Are The Complications Of Chemical Pregnancy?

Usually there is no physical complication of chemical pregnancy. In some cases, a female may experience haemorrhaging or very heavy bleeding that may lead to anaemia and may require medical attention. What Are The Complications Of Chemical Pregnancy

Miscarriages usually are very upsetting especially if the female is desperately trying to conceive. This may cause mood swings and stress related symptoms. This is why it is very important to give your mind and body proper time to recover from the loss.

Valuable information shared in this article is informational, educational  and not to be constructed as medical advice.

Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta
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