Breast Implants- All You Need to Know

Breast implantation is a process to makes the breasts fuller and bigger. Breast implants are either done for reconstructive purposes such as after mastectomy, or for cosmetic reasons. However breast implants come in different types and it is essential to know which suits you.Breast Implants- All You Need to Know

Types of Breast Implants

To understand which breast implant might suit you, it first important to understand the basic differences between the two types

# Silicone Gel Filled Implants

Silicone gel implants are breast implants which are pre-filled with silicone gel- which is a sticky thick liquid that is similar and mimics the human tissue. Most prefer silicone implants as they feel and look more like natural breasts. Silicone breast implants can be used on women from age 22 and older for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.

# Saline Breast Implants

Saline implants are a type of breast implants which is filled with sterile saline water. They are usually inserted in an empty state and filled with saline only after it is in place. Saline breast implants are available to women from age 18 and above for both reconstructive and cosmetic purposes.

Breast Implant Procedure

Since the breasts keep on developing till the late teens in women, FDA requires women to be at least 18 years of age to get breast implants done. Before the procedure is done, you will need a medical evaluation with your surgeon. Based on your medical condition, your surgeon may ask you to stop taking certain medications that you were on. Breast implants or augmentation can be done as an outpatient procedure or you can stay overnight in a hospital as per your comfort.

The procedure will take about 3-4 hours and is generally performed on general anesthesia. The surgeon will make a cut under the breasts, or around the nipples, or under your arms. This depends on how much enlargement is being done, body type, and type of implant.

The surgeon will implant the breast implant below your chest muscle or into a pocket above. After the implant sets in place, the surgeon will close the cuts using sutures or tapes.

Benefits of Breast Implants

In the modern world, many women are opting for breast implants or breast augmentation for cosmetics and health purposes simply because they want to look good and feel confident. Some of the main benefits of breast implants include breast implants

  • Adds volume or curves to your breasts
  • Evens out asymmetrical breasts
  • Restores breast shape after pregnancy or ageing
  • Helps reconstruct or rebuild breasts after mastectomy
  • Improves self confidence
  • Feel more attractive
  • Feel happier and content with their appearance.

Risks of Breast Implants

Like any surgery, breast implants or breast augmentation also imposes many risks. Some of the main risks of breast implants include

  • Infection around the surgically operated area
  • Implant rupture or leakage
  • Breast pain
  • Changes in breast sensation and nipples
  • Scarring of the tissue that destroys the shape of breast implant

Factors To Be Considered Before Getting Breast Implants

If you are thinking of breast augmentation or breast implants, it is important to consider the benefits of breast implants and risk of breast implants associated. Keep in mind the following factors:

  • Breast implants don’t come with a guarantee of a lifetime
  • Breast implants don’t prevent breasts from sagging
  • Breast implants can impact breast feeding
  • Insurance will not cover breast implant procedures
  • Mammograms can become complicated if you have breast implants


Based on your body anatomy, type, and other factors, your surgeon may recommend the type of implant. Ultimately the choice depends on you! Keep into consideration both the risks as well as benefits before opting for breast implants.



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