A Guide On Vaginal Lumps And Bumps And How To Manage Vaginal Lumps And Bumps

A Guide On Vaginal Lumps And Bumps

Vaginal lumps and bumps are very common especially in females of childbearing age. Several cause may be responsible for it. Let us learn in detail about vaginal lumps and bumps and when to see a doctor.A Guide On Vaginal Lumps And Bumps And How To Manage Vaginal Lumps And Bumps

What Causes Vaginal Lumps And Bumps?

Lumps and bumps on vulva or vagina may be normal or a sign of underlying condition that may require medical attention. In our article we have discussed 10 possible causes of lumps and bumps on the vagina.Causes Vaginal Lumps And Bumps

10 Possible Causes Of Vaginal Lumps And Bumps

#1. Vulvar Cyst 

The vulva has several glands including Bartholin’s gland and Skene’s gland that are oil glands. If these glands are clogged a cyst is formed. The size of vulvar cyst may vary but it feels like a hard lump. In most of the cases, vulvar cyst is not painful unless it is infected. Vulvar cyst may go by itself without any treatment but if it is infected you need to see a doctor to drain it. Vulvar Cyst - Causes Of Vaginal Lumps And Bumps

#2. Fordyce Spots 

Fordyce Spots are sebaceous glands that are yellow white or small white bumps present inside your vulva. These spots are also found on the cheeks and lips. They mostly appear during the puberty and increase in the number as you age. Fordyce spots on vulva are not at all painful and do not require any treatment.

#3. Vaginal Cyst 

Vaginal cyst are of several types. They are usually present as firm lumps on the vaginal wall. The size of vagina cyst may vary from a size of pea or smaller. The most common type of vaginal cyst is vaginal inclusion cyst. They are also commonly formed following vaginal injury or childbirth. Vaginal Cyst - Causes Of Vaginal Lumps And Bumps

In most of the cases vaginal cyst are not painful and not a matter of concern unless and until cause discomfort during sex. In addition, vaginal cyst go on their own without any treatment but in some cases may require surgical drainage.

#4. Varicosities 

It is the condition where the veins around the vulva gets swollen. In about 10% of pregnancies, varicosities is present. In addition, it is a common occurrence with age. Varicosities appear as raised and bluish bump or round or swollen bump that is present around the labia minora and labia majora. Although varicosities do not cause any pain but it may lead to bleeding and itch. Pregnant women do not required any treatment for varicositiesas after the baby is born this condition recedes back in about 6 week. However, it may reoccur with subsequent pregnancy. For non-pregnant females varicosities may cause discomfort during intercourse or while standing for a long. In non-pregnant females this condition may require special vein surgery.Causes Of Vaginal Lumps And Bumps

#5. Vaginal Skin Tag 

Vaginal skin tag are protruding small flaps of skin that do not cause any discomfort or pain unless they are again and again rubbed and become irritated. If vaginal skin tag cause embarrassment to you,your doctor removes it with a laser or surgery.

Skin tags

#6. Ingrown Hair 

Waxing or shaving the pubic hair may lead to ingrown hair. Ingrown hair results in round small and sometimes itchy and painful bumps that are filled with pus and the skin around ingrown hair is red and dark. It is advised not to extract the ingrown hair by own or it may lead to secondary infection. In most of the cases, ingrown hair resolves on its own without any treatment but if it gets inflamed it may be a sign of infection and requires treatment under your doctor.

#7. Cancer Of Vulva

Although the cancer of vulva is rare and unusual but if the following symptoms are present better see your doctor.

The symptoms of the cancer of vulva include itching pain or burning, raised or flat sores on the vulva, thickened patches of skin, changes in the skin colour of the surrounding area, sores that do not heal within a few weeks and unusual discharge or bleeding. The cancer of vulva is common in elderly female and in females who smoke. Also, you are at the risk if you get infected by HPV virus. Do not come to the diagnosis on yourself better see a doctor proper diagnosis and treatment.see a doctor proper diagnosis and treatment

#8. Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen sclerosus is an uncommon skin condition that affects females who have gone through menopause. The symptoms of lichen sclerosus includes itching, thin, and shiny skin that tears easily. It commonly affects the skin around anus and vulva. It leads to white spots on the skin that with the time become wrinkled and thin. There also may be blisters filled with blood that cause bleeding and pain during urination and sex.

As you can see the lump and bumps on the vagina may not be a cause for alarm as in most of the cases the get treated on their own or are easily managed at home. However, if you develop sexually transmitted disease or have any kinds of doubt related your condition to see your doctor.

Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta
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