Safety Precautions & Tips During Christmas Festival

Safety Tips on Christmas

Christmas is time to spend with your family, admiring brightly lighted Christmas tree, dance, cook and enjoy the feast. A yes. How can we forget the excitement on the faces when you receive or give gifts to your loved ones.
Christmas is the most beautiful season of the year.

Safety Tips on Christmas

Safety Tips on Christmas

Christmas traditions, decorations, and celebration seems so magical. But with a celebration around the chances of accidents also increases. Being little careful can, however, ensure the safety of you and your family.

Safety Tips and Precautions During Christmas

Safety Precautions & Tips During Christmas Festival

Safety Precautions & Tips During Christmas Festival

Make Sure Christmas Tree is Not at The Risk of Fire:

Christmas tree fire incidence do happen. Keep Christmas tree at least at a distance of 3 feet away from any source of flame or heat such as radiators, fireplaces or heat vents. Dry tree ignites more easily so if your tree real keeps it watered.

Avoid Overdoing Lights:

Before you cover your house with lights better check the packing of lights a for the power output. Do not plug in for more than the power outlet mentions can handle. Before buying any electrical team check for the Ul symbol. Make sure that the red colour lights are for outdoor use and red colour lights for indoor. In case you are using old lights then before using them check the wires for any sign of cracking or fraying. When you leave home, unplug all the lights.

Be Careful with Candles:

Keep lighted candles at least 12 inches away from any surrounding objects. Never leave candles unattended. 

Be Careful with Candles

Be Careful with Candles

Never toss anything except logs in the fireplaces:

If greenery or tree needles are burnt they burn fast and create sparks flying onto the roof and in the room. Also, sometimes they form an inflammable compound creosote. Also, make sure not to burn wrapping paper as it produces hazardous smoke. Before you leave home to make sure fire is out, and the members are cooled.

Banish Slippery Spots in Any:

Prep the outside of your home. Keeps walkways and driveway clear of snow and ice. 

Banish Slippery Spots in Any

Banish Slippery Spots in Any

Toy Safety:

Before buying toys for kids keep the age group in mind. Buy toys from a reputable company. Look for the items that or whose parts do not pose any threat to chocking small children. The batteries of toys should be locked in the toy in the child-proof way.

Food Safety:

Wash your hands before cooking and eating. Prevent food picking by guests and relatives. Keep leftovers in the refrigerators. Before eating reheat the leftovers at 165 degrees to kill any microorganism.

Road Safety:

Before you start your trip have rest and be prepared for travelling. Maintain speed do not run. Do not drink and drive. To avoid getting fatigue share driving responsibility. While driving, limit the use of mobile phones.

Be Organized:

Minimize clutter to prevent falling. Make sure that staircases are well- lit and free of any obstacles.

Little more care and forwards planning will avoid any unwanted accidents. Merry Christmas and happy new year

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