Nutritional Needs for Older People

Changes in body by growing age are very common but one can maintain by several processes.
Different changes in old age
There are a few changes occur in elderly people. They are;

  • Psychological changes
  • Sensory changes
  • Structural changes

Illnesses, genic qualities, life events, social and economic conditions that are may lead to psychological changes. These changes are occurring gradually in the body systems. Hearing, decline of sight, smell and taste are considered as sensory changes, which have a marked effect on health and nutritional intake. Loss of body mass is considered as structural changes. All organs in the body especially liver, kidneys, lungs and heart are affected in terms of reduced muscle mass. Loss of body mass is the constriction of metabolism. To avoid weight gain, one needs to reduce intake of calories. In the aging process, bone density is lost along with the age. This can lead to bone diseases and minor fractures. There are a few nutritional needs for older people that make the older adults healthy.
Nutrition plays a significant role in all these changes. Digestion problems are caused by decrease of digestion secretion. A healthy well balanced diet suggested by the industry experts in such case.

The healthy balanced diet includes:

  • Milk and other dairy products
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat, eggs, fish lentils and protein source food
  • Bread, potatoes, rice and other starchy foods
  • Drinks which have low sugar

People are not interested to intake of enough food while age growing. That’s why they are not active as before. Consequently fewer calories are being burn in the body. But body required the energy and nutrient earlier as. Smaller meals, healthy snacks, fruits and vegetables are highly advisable by the experts. Need to be avoid consume of alcohol and increase consume of fruits juices and milk. It is an opportunity to take every meal.

Vitamins and Minerals Healthy Diet for Elderly People

Vitamins and Minerals Healthy Diet for Elderly People

Guidelines for elderly people to maintain Healthy eating habits
Drink plenty of water:-
There are many organic functions like hydration, digestion depend on water support. It is advisable to take water in the form of juices, tea, coffee and etc., 6-8 times a day.

Vitamins and minerals:-
Vitamin and minerals deficiencies are common in old age. These play vital role in deficiencies. Requirements of vitamins and minerals are being fulfilled by a variety of diet.

Vitamins and Minerals Healthy Diet Includes

Vitamins and Minerals Healthy Diet Includes

Use less salt:-
It is advisable to avoid intake of foods with high salts like sauces, cure meats and snack foods. This can be leads to the risk of high blood pressure.

Avoid high fat foods:-
High fat foods like pies, pastries chocolates and other fried snacks need to be avoided. One can take fresh fruits and low fat sweet flavoured yogurt rather than high fat foods.

If one wants to lead rest of the life happily, maintain healthy diet will helps all the way. And don’t forget to maintain a healthy weight.

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