Top Home Remedies For Cold & Cough In Kids

Mostly antibiotics and medicines are given to cure bacterial infections and which can cause more harm to the kid’s body. Viral infections can treat at home with natural remedies. Top Home Remedies For Cold & Cough In Kids

Most parents rush to the doctor with a sign of minor symptoms of illness without knowing the actual truth. Common flu, cold & cough may cure by home remedies. These are very safe and effective than antibiotics and medicines.  Let’s check, What are these effective remedies that work like magic as medicine?

Turmeric Milk 

As turmeric is boats with rich antiseptic properties, it is best home remedies  for viral infections like (cold cough, flu) in kids as well as in adults. Turmeric Milk for Cold & Cough for Kids

Finely crush a 2-inch slice of raw turmeric, mix it into a cup of milk and boil for 3 minutes in a low flame, then strain it. Give your baby to drink it every night. If your child has cold, cough and flu, then use raw turmeric, it is more effective than turmeric powder, as it works to boost immunity and cold cough will be 100% cured.

Give Steam

 Taking steam is another most effective home remedies for cold & cough in kids. If your little one suffers from congestion, runny nose, taking  10 to 15 minutes steam can give huge relief in cold. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the steam best for cold. It can also be benefits for those who have sinus, sneezing. Steam - most effective home remedies for cold & cough in kids

Keep Your Kid Hydrated

 If your child is sick in cold and cold, then Keep in mind, give water to him/her at regular intervals. It’s also important to keep them hydrated at this time, drinking lukewarm water will help to reduce the swelling in the throat. You can also give other fluids which will help in maintaining energy in the kid’s body.


Hot water gargle is the utmost remedies for cough. If your child is older than five years, then ask him/her to gargle with salt water 2/3 times a day. It can also cure throat pain. Gargle with Salt & Hot Water - most effective home remedies for cold & cough in kids

Honey and Ginger

 Known as antimicrobial properties that fight cough and cold. Mix a spoonful of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and add little lemon juice into it . If your kid is under five years, simply dip a finger into honey and let them lick it two times a day.  Do not drink water immediately after eating it. Honey and Ginger - most effective home remedies for cold & cough in kids

Garlic has full of antiviral and antibacterial agents, its commonly known for the great home remedies for the viral infection. Like honey, garlic also helps to ease in symptoms of cold and cough. Children cannot eat raw Garlic. Simply take 2/3 garlic crush or chopped well and mix it in their food.


Sleeping is the best home medicine for cold and cough in kids. When children suffering from cold or cough, a proper sleep plays an important role, our body enhancing its immunity and fighting with the virus. Sleeping is the best home medicine for cold and cough in kids

You can regularly try the above home remedies if there is even a mild hint of cold and cough in your kids, you do not need to panic, you can cure your children with these natural remedies at home.

Priya Singha
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