What To Do After Eating Oily Food? Ways To Recover From The Effects

Don’t we all crave for mouth-watering pakoras, French fries or chole baturas? Well, oily food is something we can’t stop ourselves from indulging in. Oily food is tasty and attracts most of us. While we can’t control our consumption of oily food, there sure are some ways to recover from the effects after eating them. What To Do After Eating Oily Food? Ways To Recover From The Effects

Ways to Recover from Effects of Oily Food

All of us give into temptations and go on to relishing mouth-watering oily food. Oily food is rich in harmful saturated and trans fats that can cause weight gain and other gastrointestinal issues. Fortunately, you can satisfy your guilt with some effective remedies after eating oily food. Listed below are some ways to recover from effects of oily food.

#1. Drink Warm Water

Hydrating your body is the best way to make your body recover after an oily binge. Drinking warm water helps aid digestion, cleanses the oily feeling, and makes it easy for the body to handle heavy oily food.

Drink lots of water

#2. A Cup Of Green Tea

Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and is one of the excellent remedies after eating oily food. Green tea helps balance the oxidative load that occurs after you consume oily food.

Green Tea

Green Tea

#3. Take A Walk

Surprising as it may sound, taking a walk is one of the ways to recover from effects of oily food. Walking for at least 20-30 minutes after having oily food can help aid digestion. It gives time to the stomach to digest the food properly. Additionally, being active after meals is known to be quite effective in weight loss.

#4. Skip Or Plan For A Lighter Next Meal

If you have just had a meal loaded with oily foods, it might be a good idea to plan your next meal to avoid high calorie foods. You can opt for a lighter meal like fruits or raw veggies to help your body get time to regain the balance. If suitable, you can also skip the next meal to ensure complete digestion of your oily meal.

#5. Consume Probiotics

Eating oily food for prolonged periods happen on specific occasions like a wedding or festival. You can easily soothe your digestive system by eating probiotics after an oily meal. A cup of plain yoghurt or with jeera can soothe stomach, and enable easy digestion of the oily food. Probiotics are considered to be excellent remedies after eating oily food.Consume Probiotics

#6. Consume A Fibre Rich Breakfast Next Day

What you eat the next day also has a major impact on the oily food you ate the previous day. Fibre rich whole grain meals help aid digestion and removes bad cholesterol from the oily food eaten. The fibre will help cleanse the gut and make the body recover from the damage of oily food.

#7. Do Not Go To Bed Immediately

Although oily food makes us feel heavy and sleepy. It is advisable to avoid sleeping immediately after an oily meal. Sleeping immediately reduces the speed of digestion which in turn leads to indigestion and bloating. Sleeping immediately can also cause all the oily food to settle down in the gut and ferment. Waiting for a couple of hours for the food to digest and then sleeping is one of the best ways to recover from effects of oily food.


Follow the above-mentioned tips which will help you recover and eliminate the symptoms after eating an oily meal.

While these tips usually work for all, it is recommended not to indulge in oily food regularly, as it is not healthy. An occasional indulgence is okay. But indulging in oily food regularly can cause a variety of health risks.


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