The Most Effective Ways to Prevent Cancer

Prevention Cancer:

Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases prevailing across the globe. Our life style changes are also the reasons for emergence of cancer. Cancer affects different parts of the body like skin, mouth, kidney, womb, gut, prostrate, etc. Cancer cells tend to multiply and may cause serious problems in life and in some extreme it may also kill a person. Generally, people don’t realize the effects of cancer until affect. So, let’s see a few such tips to prevent cancer.


Many believe that beer is bad for health. But, consuming beer in moderation actually prevents stomach cancer, as it protects stomach from ulcers causing bacteria named Helicobacter Pyroli. However, don’t over consume alcohol, as over consumption may again results in mouth and liver cancer.



Don’t Sit for Long Hours:

If you are sitting for long hours, then you are prone to cancer. Recent studies have said that sitting for hours together can lead to development of cancer in areas like womb, lungs, etc. So, make a move for every two hours and additionally it leads to accumulation of fats in adipose tissue, which in turn may cause other cancer issues.

Avoid Kebabs or Other Stuff Which are Cooked Over Charcoal:

Frying meat over charcoal or grilling is linked with caner as the process of cooking leads to chemical reaction or changes which may make us prone to cancer. So, to avoid such chemical reactions marinade your meat with lemon, olive oil, honey, etc. It is advisable to avoid smoke cooked foods.

Don’t Refrigerate the Fruits:

Fruits which are kept in the refrigerator are said to lose cancer fighting nutrients. Next time when you look to keep fruits in your refrigerator, think twice before doing so. Consume only fresh and good conditioned fruits.

The Most Effective Ways to Prevent Cancer

The Most Effective Ways to Prevent Cancer

Avoid Smoking:

As we all know smoking is one of the major causes for cancer and the chances of smokers being prone to cancer are always high. So, it’s not too late, quit smoking as soon as possible. Smoking leads to mouth, liver, oesophagal, intestine, and gut and lung cancers.

Excess Salt:

You might be surprised when you come across this information that salt also causes cancer. Yes, excess salt consumption will lead to stomach cancer. Recommended daily usage is only 6g and make sure that you don’t extend the recommended limit.

Excess Salt

Excess Salt

Sleeping in Night with Lights on:

If you sleep in complete darkness or in low voltage light during nights, then you are less prone to cancer. Sleeping in artificial lights during night may halt the production of melanin, as melanin reduction may also cause cancer.


We often use perfumes, scented perfumes, room fresheners, etc and all these products are said to release volatile organic compounds that are carcinogens. Avoid them as much as possible.

Steamed Food:

It is advisable to prefer steam cooked food or vegetables rather than food that is micro waved. Steam cooked food retains all the nutrients and keeps us healthy. On the other side, food that is micro waved tends to lose cancer protective flavonoids, nutrients, fruits,

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