Super Food Egg For A Better Health

If you eat egg on regular basis, there is no need to go to physician. Are you going to physician frequently? That means you’re not eating an egg daily. If you’re going to doctor to seek an advice, he will advise to eat an egg every day. That is the greatness of an egg. It should be eat daily an egg to make your cheeks make your cheeks chubbier and also growth of children. Let’s find out the facts about this super food egg.

 Super Food Egg

Super Food Egg

Proteins and Vitamins in Egg:

All types of proteins and vitamins are also available with this healthy food. 100 per cent of nutrients will be available with this food only. An egg contains 11 types of acids and many nutritional substances like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamin A, B, D, and calcium, phosphorus, zinc.

Vitamins for your health:

Parents listen carefully these words. It’s better to avoid health drinks and let’s begin to distribute the egg to your children every day. It is also clear that many of the researches. Then only you can help indirectly in the growth of your children. Vitamin A is for the vision, Vitamin D in for bone tenacity and Vitamin E protect you against heart diseases and cancer cells.

Govt. offers egg:

Government is providing egg for children in welfare hostels, mothers and children through the Anganwadi centers in India. People who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, it’s better to avoid eating egg yolk.

How to protect an egg?

Cuticle, outer layer of egg protects egg from harmful bacteria. Cleaning an egg with water will damage the cuticle of the egg. There is a chance of egg decomposition when bacteria enter into the egg if it is being stored in the refrigerator for a long time. Therefore, it should be kept in storage without wash. Flagged off the egg when you buy in the market. Moving egg yolk is the symbol of spoilage when you shake it. When the egg submerged in the water it is finite state. If it is floating on the water, no doubt it is botched. You should buy only eggs which haven’t spots. Prefer only eggs on without waste of chickens. There is no benefit to eating omelette. Instead, it’s better to eat boiled eggs.

How to protect an egg

How to protect an egg

An egg contains:

  • Energy -173. kcal
  • 13.3 Grams of protein
  • 3.3 Grams of fat
  • 60 Mg of calcium
  • Iron -2.1 mg
  • 78.3 Micrograms of folic acid
  • 600 Micrograms of Carotene
  • 12 -9 per cent of Vitamin B
  • 15 Percent of vitamin B-2
  • 6 per cent of Vitamin A
  • 5 -7 percent Vitamin B

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