Sugar Detox- Tips to Get Rid of Sugar Addiction

What is Sugar Detox?

One of the best ways to get rid of sugar addiction is the sugar detox technique. It is systematic and strategic plan that helps you reset your palate, improves blood lipid profile, boosts brain function, curb sweet food cravings, and lowers blood sugar levels in the body. In the sugar detox plan, the food your will incorporate will taste good and reduce your cravings for sweet. This in turn helps reduce your cravings for sweet and overcome sugar addiction. Sugar Detox- Tips to Get Rid of Sugar Addiction

Best Ways to Detox your Body of Sugar

#1. Quit Sugary Drinks and Increase Intake of Water

The most efficient way to quit sugar addiction is to stop the intake of sodas and sugary drinks and drink more water. You can also replace soda and other sugar drinks with sparkling water or unsweetened herbal tea. Quit Sugary Drinks and Increase Intake of Water

#2. Increase Intake of Healthy Fats

Sugar detox can be achieved when you intake foods that prevent the craving of sugary foods. Increasing your intake of healthy fats help you get rid of sugar addiction. Some of the healthy fats include avocado, ghee, nuts, seeds, and coconut. Try to aim for at least 1-2 spoons of healthy fat with each meal.

#3. Glutamine Supplements

Glutamine is an amino acid present in proteins and can help to a great extent during sugar detox. Glutamine helps fight hypoglycaemia and regulate blood sugar in the body. Since sugar cravings are at peak in the afternoon, taking glutamine supplements in the afternoon can be of great help to get rid of sugar addiction.

#4. Opt for Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are the best alternative to sweets. They are sweet to taste and are healthy too. Incorporate a daily habit to eat fruits after every meal to wean yourself from sweets. Opt for Fresh Fruits

#5. Increase Protein

Research has proven that protein helps with satiety and weight loss. Curbing your sugar cravings can be helped to a great extent by eating protein rich food in your morning meal. What we eat at breakfast majorly influences what we tend to eat the rest of the day. If you have carbohydrates and sugar rich food at breakfast, you are most likely to end up eating or craving for sugary foods the entire day.

#6. Eat Complex Carbohydrates

On a sugar detox diet, there is no necessity to cut down on carbohydrates altogether. Replace the refined carbohydrates with complex carbs lie sweet potato and winter squashes. Complex carbs keep you full for a longer period and help stabilise your blood sugar levels. Eat Complex Carbohydrates

#7. Manage Stress

Stress always has a direct influence on the food we eat. Stress can cause you to munch on sugary snacks. Stress tends to deplete the body of important nutrients which in turn can increase cravings. Hence, it is important to manage your stress levels while you are on a sugar detox. Reduce Your Stress Level

#8. Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep has proven to increase cravings for sweets and high calorie foods. Insufficient sleep can reduce insulin sensitivity, thereby making the blood sugar level instable and making you prone to cravings of carbs and sweets. Ensure that you get enough sleep while you are trying to get rid of sugar addiction. Get Enough Sleep

To conclude, getting rid of sugar addiction is the first baby step towards a healthier body. Eating mindfully everyday helps you enjoy all the foods without totally giving up on them. If you limit your sugar intake, you can have cheat days once in a while. Start your sugar detox today and see a visible difference in your mind and body.

Yaamini Radhakrishnan
Yaamini Radhakrishnan:I am a clinic research professional, graduate in biotechnology and post graduate in biochemistry. Have also pursued freelance writing since the past 5 years I am married and have a daughter. I am a native and reside at Bangalore.