Strategies To Help Make Up For The Treatment Of Amnesia

Most of the people in this world suffer from Amnesia problem. People who face amnesia problems also would get stressed and depressed. Most of the people are not succeeding in their life because of Amnesia. Let’s see in detail why do we get Amnesia and how to overcome it?

Diagnosing Amnesia:

To identify Amnesia in a person doctors firstly do blood test. In blood test they count Hemoglobin. Later, they go for Thyroid test and Vitamin B1, B12.Sometimes it is needed to go for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) Brain scan, Psychological Tests and PET (positron emission tomography) scan.

Diagnosing Amnesia

Diagnosing Amnesia


Right now there is no specific treatment procedure for Alzheimer’s but it can be controlled through Rivastigmine, Memantine, Donepezil and galantamine medicines. To cure Vascular Dementia, stroke management (Paralysis treatment) can be the better treatment to control Amnesia. Therefore treatment of amnesia can be followed by focusing on few techniques.

Remedies for Amnesia:

Be Active Always

Every day who do exercise physically and mentally would stay mirthful and active. Persons who do get mental relaxation would also have active mind. In order to do brain exercise it is advised to solve cross puzzles, read news paper and note down current affairs, trying to cook different recipes, reading books, try to do work differently and innovatively, Positive attitude, learning something new, develop some sort of skills which are useful to become high position, finding different roots to office from home and any other mind related works. When we are active, every nerve cell would get pumped with blood by blood arterial and our memory will be remained as it is.


Socialization means conglomerating with people. It is very important to mingle with others. It is also advised that share your feelings to your beloved one. Then you will become stress and depression free. Try to spend more time with your beloved ones, parents, siblings, relatives and friends. When you spend more time with your beloved ones apparently your mind will be active always and you may control amnesia related problems.


When you start any work, just focus on your work with concentration. When you do that work with more interest, it would be stored permanently in brain and you can recall easily when it is needed in future.

Hygienic Food:

Our food should be hygienic and our menu should consists of Organic Vegetables, Fruits, nuts, leafy vegetables, less fat products, Proteins, vitamins etc. Have plenty of water daily. Do not consume alcoholic drinks.

Hygienic Food

Hygienic Food

Disciplinary Approach:

When you do any work it is better to approach a proper plan. It is also called as disciplinary approach. If you do any work with proper action and plan there would be better results and you mind also would get relaxed. This approach may store systematic information permanently in nerve cells.

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