Simple Rules to Live a Happy and Healthy Life

Happy and Healthy Life:

In this era of globalization, people have become busy with their work. They don’t have enough time to take care of their health. Most of the people believe that good health can be achieved only by hitting gym or by toning a few body parts. But, it is much beyond all that we ask or think. Neglecting health may cost you a lot in the long run and also can be the cause of occurrence of different types of diseases.

Happy and Healthy Life
Let’s see a few such tips or rules to lead a healthy and happy life:

Yoga and Meditation:

It is necessary to pause a bit from daily life and allot some time for yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation will bring down stress levels to a great extent and regular practice makes one feel energetic and feel light for the entire day. It also curbs stress related hormones. So start practicing yoga on a regular basis. Initially, practice for at least 10-15 minutes, and slowly extend the duration from next week onwards.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation


Lack of sleep will make an individual look dull and tired. Additionally, it puts pressure on your brain and makes you exhausted. So, sleep at least for 8 hours, because studies have proved that lack of sufficient sleep is the cause of all the above mentioned affects.


Exercise is one of the best stress busters. Exercising keeps you fit, both mentally and physically. Exercising doesn’t only mean working out in gym. If one doesn’t have enough time to spend in gym, he can look for other alternatives like dancing, warm ups, jogging, etc. It improves blood circulation and keeps you hale and healthy.



Eat Right Food:

Want to lead a happy and healthy life, and then it is all in your hands. Eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables pulses, dry fruits, etc. will keep you healthy. Avoid junk food and those which contains high cholesterol. Say no to oil and fatty foods. Consuming fruits will enhance your overall health and keeps you happy always.


Laugh out loud, doesn’t hesitate to laugh. Laughing is the best remedy to overcome stress. It will relax all your nerves and acts as stress buster. It has many unbelievable benefits.



Think Positive:

Always be positive and stay away from pessimists or those you makes you feel down. Think about bright side of the future. Spend time with those people, whom you feel happy spending time. Go for a date with your boy or girl friend, movie, park, etc. whenever you feel low. Every individual has some or the other problems and one can’t escape from such hurdles in a life. Try to handle them in a positive way, instead of panicking. So always think positive.
There is a famous saying that ‘Health is Wealth’. And, running behind wealth is ruining health. So, take out time and follow the above mentioned simple tips to stay healthy and for leading a happy life.

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