How To Trigger Weight Loss Hormones

Obesity and overweight can be hazardous if remained in disregard. In spite of that, our human body has its own chemical messengers to aid weight loss, we just need to activate them. Here is a list of hormones and how can they be triggered in order to be supportive in the process of weight loss.

How To Trigger Weight Loss Hormones

How To Trigger Weight Loss Hormones

1. The Satiety Hormone

Another name for Leptin hormone- the master weight regulator. The exogenous secretion of leptin is done by the fat cells solely. It transmits the signal to the brain that the body has had enough of fat and this is the time to burn it. Its secretion is directly proportional to weight gain. But, too much secretion of leptin by abundant fat cells results into ‘leptin reistance’. The brain becomes insensitive to the leptin in this condition.

To overcome this, do avoid sugar, grains like rice and flour. Always say ‘no’ to processed food. Have diet full of antioxidants-rich food like berries, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, avocados, beetroot i.e. all green and red vegetables. Nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts are also comes in this category. Include protein rich meat too in your meals. Proper sleep, exercise and yoga to cut down stress- that’s all to make leptin work.

2. Make Thyroid hormones work

Low level of thyroid hormones makes body lethargic tends to excessive sleep and to undergo constipation and as a result, weight gain. By appropriate food, moderate workouts and everyday habits, you can make your thyroid hormones to succor weight loss regime. Thyroid hormones regulate almost everything in our body so the weight too. Avoid vigorous cardio exercises; instead, opt for these exercises alternately in a week to make it work. Make you meals enriched with adding omega-3 fatty acids foods like salmon, mackerel, tuna, walnut, flax seed, canola seed, cauliflower, Brussels sprout. Eat iron and vitamin-B containing foods such as eggs, meats, spinach and whole grains. Anti-oxidants function here too.

3. The Gut Messenger- Cholecystokinin

Generally abbreviated as CCK, it is a hormone released by the intestines when protein or fat is included in the diet. Like Leptin, it also gives body ‘full’ sensation by interacting with brain. Concurrently, it operates digestion with stomach to reduce its rate leaving the body to feel full for a long time and escaping from hunger. For triggering CCK, you just need to include protein or fat or both in your every meal and it will always be ready to assist you in weight loss.

4. Up your Serotonin levels

There are various factors which decrease serotonin levels of your body like stress, depression, less sleep, imbalanced diet, etc. Indeed, it is so obvious in today’s lifestyle. However, to increase the secretion of Serotonin in your body, it is necessary to eliminate these. Serotonin is also called as ‘happy hormone’, so it does not only help in weight loss but it elevates your mood, self-esteem and happy meter of your life too. Healthy diet composed of protein, minerals and vitamins should be first step to amp up serotonin levels. Early rays of sun, proper sleep of seven to eight hours and exercise are also complementary to it. Yogic practices and meditation have been proved very fruitful to achieve good level of serotonin.

5. The Fight hormone

Adrenaline or Epinephrine, known to cope up with emergency conditions, is also known as ‘fight hormone’ which does fight with fat. It breaks and burns body fat to converts it into energy and as a result, appetite is also repressed. It can be activated only through some particular exercises like interval training and when it is done intensely, then you can find that this process fairly extends the process of weight loss for longer.

6. Natural fat buster- Adiponectin

The more you lean, the more it is released by fat cells, altogether called as adipose tissue. It supports the muscles in breakdown of carbohydrates and fats to yield energy, increases metabolism and limits hunger. As a consequence, you lose weight. For its maximal secretion, eat unsaturated fats like clarified butter, avocados, olives, etc. instead of carbohydrates. Getting leaner can also be a trick to have more of it.

7. Fat loss with Growth hormone

Hormone that helps you to grow, also lend a hand to lose weight. It’s interaction with fat cells concludes in breakdown and burning of stored fat for energy. Same as adrenaline, it also gets triggered through exercises like interval training and good sleeping habits. Exercise hard and sleep well- the only mantras to use it as fat- burning tool wholly.

8. Glucagon against Insulin

Being just opposite of insulin, glucagon is accountable to breakdown of stored carbs and fats. The energy produced by it then is used by our body and gradually you body becomes free from extra fat. Its secretion can be induced by low- carbohydrate and protein rich diet.

Balanced hormones, nutritious diet and lots of physical exercise, and you will never have to worry about weight gain again.