How to Get Rid of Stress Naturally

Life today is restless and frantic. Everybody has become a participant of unwanted competition. Our achievement list has become big and this is the reason why today most of us face stress.

Get Rid of Stress Naturally

Get Rid of Stress Naturally

Stress may be defined as a response to pressure or any kind of threat. Stress causes a surge in the adrenaline hormone that affects the nervous system and makes us tensed. Everyone today is facing stress. Stress may lead to imbalance and several mental and physical disorders. Thus, it is very important to fight stress and bring back our life to track. But to remove stress it is important that you find the cause of stress and then remove it. In this article, we will learn about natural ways to combat stress. But before it let us learn in detail about stress and its causes.

What is Stress?

Stress is your body’s own way to cope up with any incidents occurring in emergency situations. Stress is expressed in various forms. Some people get irritated, some shouts on others, some bite nails, some overeat and some pull hair. When you are over stress it causes serious health issues such as high blood pressure, heart attack, gastric troubles and heart attack. Thus, it is very important to de-stress yourself and maintain a positive attitude.

What are the Causes of Stress?

Both internal and external factors may be responsible for causing stress. Some of the causes of stress are work stress, job, financial issues, unemployment, exam pressure, relationship issues, poor health, the death of close ones etc.

Causes of Stress

Causes of Stress

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stress

To distress yourself, you need to make some changes in your lifestyle and diet. There are also some home remedies that will help you to combat stress. Let us discuss all in detail.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stress

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stress

Chamomile Tea

The best stress reliever is chamomile tea. The compound Matricaria recutita present in chamomile reduces stress and also have a positive impact on mind and body. Also, Chamomile has a soothing effect on the central nervous system. Chamomile tea is also recommended for the patients who are suffering from generalized anxiety disorder.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea

To make chamomile tea, add 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile in a cup of hot water and steep it for 15 minutes. Strain the concoction and drink it warm, Drink two cups of chamomile tea daily to keep stress at bay. Home remedies to de-stress yourself.

Dragon Fruit-

Very few of us know that dragon fruit is a stress reliever. It is rich in the antioxidants that combat anxiety easily. This fruit is little costly but worth it.

Listen Melodies-

One of the best way to release stress is to listen to music. And the best part is you can listen to music anywhere and anytime using earphones without disturbing others.


Avocados is a well-known stress reliever. It is rich in vitamins, minerals proteins, and fibres. It reduces the level of stress hormones and keeps the brain and nerve cells healthy.



If you are in stress eat one to one and a half avocado daily.


If you are looking for some reasonable and cost effective ways to get rid of stress then try meditation. It is one of the ancient and natural ways to get rid of stress. Meditation brings peace to mind. Meditation is one of the natural remedies to fight stress.
To meditate sit on the floor. Keep your back straight. Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly. Concentrate on breathing. Do this for 20 minutes daily and relieve all tension. Besides meditation you may also try yoga and light exercises. Exercise promotes the production of mood busting hormones and relives stress.

Bring Changes in your Lifestyle

Try to maintain a balance between family and job. Divide your time. Take enough sound sleep. Eat a healthy diet, do not skip your meals. Drink lots of water. Do not drink too much of alcohol. Quit smoking. Spend time with your loving ones. Pursue your hobbies and give some time to yourself and relax.

Whenever you feel stress talk to someone you trust and love. Release your feeling and all above learn yourself and stay positive.

Try above-mentioned natural ways to de-stress yourself and stay happy.

Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta
Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta:  Professionally a homeopathic doctor and a dietician Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta is passionate about writing health and parenting blogs. She believes in holistic approach towards health and well being.