Healthy Ways To Start Your Day

Ways To Start Your Day in Healthy Way

Your morning can be messy with that foggy head and bit of laziness to get going. However. It is a fact that your day depends on how you start it. Just like you know, after a tiff with your partner or after a hearing a bad news right after you wake up, you don’t hope the day to go up the graph. Similarly, to have a healthy kick-start for your day would mean a healthy and fresh day ahead of you.

Healthy Ways To Start Your Day

Healthy Ways To Start Your Day

Set a Routine

Everything needs some preparation to work out flawlessly, similarly your day could be prepared before hand as a routine including all tasks you need to accomplish on a particular day. This could be done the night before or after you wake up. Either ways, the aim is to have a clear idea of a schedule of activities without any overlap. This will also clear you mind and therefore keep you calm.

Healthy Ways To Start Day

Healthy Ways To Start Day

Every person is different and hence each one of you may need different ways to feel healthy and happy. However you could keep trying on different ways until you fit the right fit, Just like a trial and error method!

Waking Up at the Same Time

It is suggested that you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. A consistent sleeping habit would let you stay healthy and stress-free. You may adjust and set your time according to your daily activities. Give yourself plenty of time so that you do not have to rush things in between wake up time and bed time.

Waking up at the same time

Waking up at the same time

Introduce Yourself Gently to the Morning

Do not wake up like something struck you in middle of your sleep. It is always suggested to wake up gently. Do not set stressing squeaky, jarring and loud alarms to wake you up. Soothing alarms may not “alarm” you much but are considered better.

It is also said that snoozing not a great option. The extra time it provides you does not help, but harms you with disrupted sleep.

Stretch and Warm Up

Stretch for few minutes after you wake up. Many already have a habit of stretching once they are up, but if you do not have such a habit, it is good to start now. Even stretching for a minimum of 30 seconds could help you enjoy a healthy morning by energising your body.

Stretch and warm up

Stretch and warm up

Yoga and exercise are also well recommended to begin your day on a healthy note . May be due to busy mornings, you may leave the exercise for evening but morning hours of exercise or yoga are always best to begin a healthy day. It helps to boost your blood circulation and also to warm up your body.

Start your Day on a Positive Note

Waking up with a smile is the least to start with but can make a huge difference. Most of you have the habit of reading the newspaper or a watching the news. But the news has nothing but disappointing stories to show.

Therefore is better to skip the news and indulge in something positive like reading a happy story or writing down a happy memory or listening to some good music or prayerful chants. This will help your day pass happily and healthily.

Breathing exercises of yoga or prayers are good to start your day with. Also spend some time with your family members. You may not get detailed time to sit and chat or have breakfast with them in today’s hectic lifestyle but a hug or smile would hardly take any time, It will give you so much positivity and inner peace that you will feel emotionally recharged for the day.

Take a Shower

Those cold, cosy morning may not make you wish for a good shower but taking a nice shower in the morning will keep you fresh and healthy for the day. It keeps you fresh cool and also free of germs and therefore healthy.

Begin with a Healthy Breakfast

The diet you consume effects your health and lifestyle. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. This quote by Adelle Davis seems to show the diet chart for a healthy lifestyle. However, do not take the quote in its literal sense. Breakfast like a king does not really mean to have a sumptuous breakfast. You are suggested to begin your day with a healthy, balanced diet food which could include some fresh fruit juice or tea or milk , fruits and something light to go with it. Avoid heavy foods like eggs, cheese, bacon etc.

Begin with a healthy breakfast

Begin with a healthy breakfast

If getting ready for work does not give you much time , make yourself a healthy wrap or a fruity and delicious smoothie with some yogurt for you to enjoy on your way to work.

Do not leave out water. Drink enough water to keep you fresh and hydrated throughout the day, in fact, it is recommended to drink just plain water instead of tea or juice.

Following these ways, you can begin your in a healthy way every day. And a day begin well will be spent well. As said above, try and test different routine to be able to find one that suits your lifestyle and body.

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